New Book Releases From Arizona Authors

Two Arizona authors have just released books into the literary space, both already notable best sellers offering thought-provoking, fresh ideas. Each book focuses on inspiring its readers, one offering self-exploration and creativity exercises while the other aims to help jumpstart a young reader’s love for books. 

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The Big Book of Little Sparks Creativity Journal, Carrie Bloomston

After finding great success with her first release, The Little Spark: 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity, best-selling Arizona author Carrie Bloomston has just debuted her second book in the Spark series, The Big Book of Little Sparks Creativity Journal. Fans of Bloomston can expect 32 thought-provoking exercises, lessons and creative activities to help readers rediscover their passions and unleash their creative side. 

“In this new book, there’s a lot less ‘me’ in it. My first book was more of a reflection of my own journey interspersed with creative musings from artist friends for inspiration, and encouragement that included small spaces for readers to jot down their thoughts,” Bloomston says. “But I really felt like it was important for readers to have the space for their creativity to run wild. Sometimes there’s no greater gift than having the space to let your mind run free without judgement or constraint. This book acts as a roadmap for the reader to tap into their creative practice in actionable ways.”

Unlike the Arizona author’s first release, The Big Book of Little Sparks Creativity Journal also features illustrations from U.K.-based artist, Ruth Burrows. It takes readers on a colorful, artistic endeavor through the roadmaps of their own lives. The design was created to help readers remember who they are and help them recognize who they want to become. To learn more about The Big Book of Little Sparks Creativity Journal, visit

This Little Farmer Went to Market, B.G. Hennessy 

With a mission to ignite and foster a love for literacy and reading in children, Arizona author B.G. Hennessy, of the award-winning Corduroy series, created This Little Farmer Went to Market. The new book follows our food journey from the farm to the market, offering little ones insight into where their food comes from and the hard work behind the process—in this case, to the farmer’s market. The book features bright colors, recognizable food and characters representing different backgrounds and diverse communities, illustrated by Mary Ann Fraser. 

In collaboration with Southwest Human Development, each copy sold provides a “Buy One, Give One” concept, where the nonprofit will donate a book to a child or family in need for each copy sold. The nonprofit aims to use the donations to help jumpstart young readers’ early literacy development and imagination. To learn more about This Little Farmer Went to Market, visit  

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