New Menu at Prado at Montelucia Resort

The new menu at Prado, located at the Omni Scottsdale Resort at Montelucia in Paradise Valley, reflects the traditional dining style of the Rioja region it emulates.

In the Rioja region of Spain (and other parts of Europe), the workday comes to a grinding halt early in the afternoon for residents of Logroño. Workers then retreat to the streets for a veritable bar crawl through the city. As they make their way through, they enjoy the small bites, wine and gin drinks that are incredibly popular in the area, before returning home for an afternoon siesta. At Prado, the culinary team – many of whom have roots throughout Spain – recently returned from a trip through the region where they were able to experience this phenomenon. Led by executive chef Marcos Seville, they have recreated and reimagined this community gathering at their tapas bar and at the M Bar.


When having dinner at Prado, it is almost sinful not to start at the tapas bar, or begin at the M Bar and enjoy some tapas there. Even if you’re not having a full dinner, a late-afternoon pilgrimage to Prado for tapas and cocktails will transport your mind and spirit overseas and allow you to live as the Spaniards do. Overlooking a white oak-fired grill that lends a generous smoke to the meats and vegetables that emerge from it, the coziness of the communal tapas bar at Prado encourages conversation and new friendships. You are given a tapas menu that includes all the tapas and various charcuterie options. The Filet Pinchos (Spanish for skewers) with a romesco verde are tender and addictive. If you like a little more spice, the Chorizo Sausage Pinchos are the way to go. For vegetarians, the herbed Berenjena (eggplant) is packed with flavor and is a perfect topping for the crispy housemade baguette and pescetarians will enjoy the Shrimp Casuela in a mildly spicy tomato sauce. The favorite tapas option for chef Seville is the Lollipop Lamb Chop served with a mint pesto. “If you come here,” he exclaimed, “you have to get the lamb chop.” There are no disagreements there. It falls off the bone and more than any other dish tasted that day, the smoky flavor from the grill shines through.


For people who enjoy both cocktails and wine, the M Bar presents a difficult decision. Under Prado Sommelier Sarah Joubert and Food and Beverage Director Uro Vazquez, the simple gin and tonic has become a complex masterpiece and makes it easy to understand the drink’s massive popularity in Spain. Infused Fever-Tree tonic waters are paired with different gins and garnishes to create a different experience with each cocktail. Spanish wines pair so well with the different food options at Prado, that the solution may be to begin with a gin cocktail before switching to wine. There are also some Arizona-grown options, as many of the grapes which grow best locally are native to Spain.

The dinner options at Prado have been given just as much attention and love following the culinary trip overseas. Entree salads like the kale salad and the crab timbale are excellent choices if you spent a little too much time at the tapas bar or with the charcuterie selections. The Casablanca Lamb Tagine sits atop a saffron risotto that is cooked perfectly. The Roasted Sea Bass is fresh and flavorful, and served with a rich goat cheese cream. The Lobster Paella has what seems like half the ocean included as well as chicken, chorizo, saffron rice and baby vegetables.

Prado is open seven days a week. To view the complete fall menu, visit

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