Newest Skin Rejuvenation Technology – Microcurrent Facials

Article by: Kimberly, owner of Skinapeel Beauty

We all know that we need to exercise. It is crucial for keeping us looking and feeling healthy, both now and in our future. With all the emphasis on exercising our bodies, have you ever stopped to ask yourself why not work out our facial muscles?? After all, there are 32 muscles in our face alone. In order to maintain their youthful positions, they need increased energy and muscle memory just like our bodies!

So, how can we go about getting a workout for the face? Introducing Microcurrent! This low-level electromagnetic treatment naturally lifts, firms, tones, builds and reeducates facial muscles. With highly advanced, results-driven technology by TAMA Research Corporation, Skinapeel Beauty has been taking facial treatments to a new level with amazing results.

TAMA’s Microcurrent devices read each client’s skin tissue to deliver the low-level, and pain-free current to each area being treated. This ensures that the cells get the appropriate amount of energy they need for optimal health and function. These benefits include and are not limited to:

• Slows the aging-process
• Diminishes lines and wrinkles
• Firms and tones muscles
• Facial contouring
• Reduction of under-eye lines and puffiness
• Lifts and opens up eye area
• Tightening in the jowl/neck area
• Pain Reduction
• Anti-inflammation/ reduction of facial puffiness
• Aids in diminishing Acne/Acne Scarring
• Improves Elasticity and Collagen
• … and more!

As with anything, results vary depending on the client’s age as well as their skin care and health history. Benefits are cumulative and are long-lasting as the skin continues to improve with subsequent treatments!

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XO Kimberly Nicole
Skinapeel Beauty, LLC


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