Nutwhats Debuts Local Favorite Treats at AJ’s Fine Foods

What’s not to love about Nutwhats? This yummy little buttery cluster of nuts is the newest addition at all AJ’s Fine Foods local grocery stores.


Founded by Lisa Rast, Nutwhats began just a few years ago selling at local farmer’s markets. It has grown to include over thirteen deliciously addicting candy flavors and has recently introduced a new line of Bean to Bar Chocolates made from beans imported from all over the world.

Up until now Nutwhats were only available at Bodega, Phoenix Public Market, Smeeks, Dos Cabezas Wineworks, and online at, but the demand keeps growing and fans have been asking Nutwhats to expand their distribution.

AJ’s provides the perfect opportunity for Nutwhats to introduce their savory confections and hand-crafted treats to all sweet toothed Arizonans.

All AJ’s Fine Foods in Arizona will be carrying 8 Nutwhats flavors. These flavors include Beer Britty, Jalapeno Beer Britty, Almond Nutwhats, Pecan Nutwhats, Pecan Scribbles, Salted Almond Scribbles, Peanut Pretzel Scribbles, and Cashew Coconut Scribble.

For more information about Nutwhats, please visit

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