Perspire Sauna Studio Opens in Scottsdale

Perspire Sauna Studio has opened its latest spot in Scottsdale, marking the second location in the franchise to open in Arizona. The new site provides visitors with the science-backed health benefits of red light therapy in a cost-effective session. Be sure to mention Fabulous Arizona or use code ‘FABAZ’ and get your first session free! 

After a successful grand opening, the fast-growing sauna experience has made red light therapy and infrared sauna experiences more affordable and accessible to guests in Scottsdale. The new location, situated on Scottsdale Road, is a 1,900-sq.-ft. studio that will holds 10 state-of-the-art inferred saunas that are both private and large enough to sit two individuals comfortably. 

Benefits of a red light therapy session include detoxification, weight loss, alleviating pain, boosted immunity, clearer skin, improved sleep, reduced stress and more in as little as 40 minutes. 

“The benefits Perspire’s infrared sauna and red light therapy provides are unmatched. There’s a demand for the science-backed treatment and I’m excited to bring it to the Paradise Valley and Scottsdale community,” says Maureen Rzeppa, franchisee and owner of Perspire Sauna Studio in Paradise Valley, in a press release.

Each private sauna offers a customized experience, allowing guests to choose the temperature, entertainment, color light therapy and intensity of the red light therapy to ensure the best experience possible. After each session, eucalyptus-infused towels are provided for the ultimate cool down and comfort. 

“In addition to this studio, we’re planning to open two more studios in Arcadia and central Scottsdale within the next year. The benefits are too good not to share with as many people as possible,” adds Rzeppa, in a press release.

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