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Phoenix-Based Tommy Camper Vans

During a time when hitting the open road is the preferred mode of exploration, Phoenix-based Tommy Camper Vans offers a ticket to adventure with its custom camper vans.

As kids, Mikey Rudman, the owner of Tommy Camper Vans, and his brother (and company namesake) Tommy explored the world together. Inspired by those adventures, Rudman wanted to make exploration a reality for everyone. “[I am inspired by] my love for the outdoors, and I wanted to make it accessible to just about anyone with more affordable pricing,” he says. “I’m also inspired by my young family and their love for exploration, and that’s something everyone should have a chance to do.”

Mikey Rudman

Tommy Camper Vans is a one-stop shop for camper vans. Not only does Rudman go to local and national car auctions buying some of newest and most desirable van models ideal to redesign into camper vans, but his team will also customize your own family van (via four standard layouts or a complete custom design). They are the largest Vanlife dealership in Arizona that can provide the van and also offer financing.

Those interested in a custom van can choose from Tommy Camper Vans’ inventory or the team can find the exact model you want and start looking for it at national auctions. Whatever your ultimate camper van is, Rudman and his team of designer experts and fabricators will make it happen. Do you have a van at home you want to be redesigned to be a camper van? Call and make an appointment with Rudman’s team to give you suggestions.

During the pandemic, many people have opted to travel via wheels rather than wings, making camper van life and vacationing even more appealing. Not only just a mode of transportation, Tommy Camper Vans are homes away from home, with solar power, shower, toilet, kitchen, beds and more. And their supreme quality and craftmanship mean you’re rolling in style, too.

Best of all, supporting Tommy Camper Vans means supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, as the company donates a majority of its proceeds to the nonprofit.

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