Phoenix Open Hairstyles

The Annual Waste Management Phoenix Open is upon us and it’s time to look your best for one of the biggest social scenes of the year. If you’re looking for some hair inspiration to wear all day into the night or needing your hair to last a few days, S&L Trends is here to share some of their hair secrets.

Samantha and Lauren, Co-owners of S&L Trends, a freelance styling team here in AZ, are here to talk about four of their favorite hair styles to wear throughout the week of the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Beach Waves


You can never go wrong with a playful beachy wave. We love starting off this look on day 1 hair, with the right products this style can last you a few days and transition into a few styles through out the week.

To achieved this look you’ll need; Aiir Professional Texture Mousse, a one inch flat iron and a blow dryer.

Apply Aiir Texture Mousse on dry hair at the roots and blow-dry in. Working up the head in horizontally, take one inch subsections and create alternating beveling C shape movements with your flat iron down the hair strand.

Break up the curls with your hands and there you have it, flat iron beach waves!

Head Band


Channel your inner Blair Waldorf and break out your favorite head band! We love accessorize an outfit by adding a glitzy headband. It’s a simple statement piece that is easy to add to your day 1 or 2 curls and gives it that polished look.

Low Pony


We love a low pony on day 2 or 3 hair. We added in Aiir Professional Texture Spray to give the hair more volume before creating the style. Once you have your low pony, elevate it and add a fun peal accessory or clips to hide the hair elastic. This takes your pony to the next level and looks so chic!

Hat Style


You can never go wrong with a brimmed hat, our favorite hats are from Lack of Color! Wear it when you’re not feeling like styling your hair or you’ve just ran out of dry shampoo. Hats are a great accessory for when you’re on day 3 or 4 hair. You can wear a Hat with so many styles, throw it on over beach waves, a low pony, a braid or buns, the possibilities are endless!

If you are interested in learning more visit @s.l.trends on instagram or if you are an Arizona local you can visit us in person with Lauren in Scottsdale or Samantha in Chandler of S&L Studios. Tag us on instagram @s.l.trends if you end up trying out any of these styles.

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