Arizona Instagrammable Murals

Phoenix’s 5 Most Instagrammable Art Murals

Sure, Arizona has no shortage of picturesque desert views. But it also has a wide variety of painted landscapes and murals that encompass the charm of the Southwest—and double as great backgrounds for your next Instagram snap, too. These are Phoenix’s five most Instagrammable art murals:

Majerle’s Sports Grill

24 N. Second St., Phoenix

Phoenix Suns’ legend Dan Majerle is practically an Arizona icon at this point—so, it only makes sense that his Phoenix sports grill hotspot features one of the Valley’s most iconic murals, too. Artists Quinn Murphy and Jake Early brought a colorful and urban design to the side of The Fry Building with a mural inspired by the desert landscape and palette.

“Malinda Rising”

151 N. Central Ave., Phoenix

Near the Hilton Garden Inn Phoenix Downtown is the staple “Malinda Rising” mural. It is a showcase brought to life by artists Darrin Armijo-Wardle and Hugo Medina as a tribute to Malinda Curtis—a Valley treasure who lived in an apartment on the alley.

“Malinda Rising” Photo courtesy

The Grand Canalscape

3800 N. Central Ave. Ste. 1010, Phoenix

Just outside of the Melrose District is the Grand Canalscape—one of the Valley’s premier destinations for locals murals, artists and more. Regardless of your taste in art, you’ll find an ever-rotating collection of gorgeous murals and other public art showcases along this canal area.

“Timeless” at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel

100 N. First St., Phoenix

A mural that perfectly embodies its name? We love to see it. The “Timeless” showcase on the western wall of the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel—which was curated by local muralist, Clyde—features a signature, 3D-storytelling element that’s unlike most public murals you’ll see. Thanks to its overhead shading, this particular mural will actually change colors throughout the day, so visitors can see (and snap a photo) of a new painting almost any time of day.

1½ Street Mural Project

901 N. First St., Phoenix

Great art is collaborative—and the 1½ Street Mural Project brings the talents of numerous local artists to life, all in one convenient space (making it truly great). Located right behind The Churchill, this art showcase features a diverse range of works from 12 artists including Isaac Caruso, Nyla Lee, Volar, Leter, Josh Brizuela, Tato Caraveo, Lucinda Y Hinojos and more.

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