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Garrett Shinoskie, the Director of Athletic Performance at Zone Athletic Performance in Scottsdale, is sharing post workout nutrition tips with Fabulous Arizona. If one of your new year’s resolutions involves working out, be sure to check out these post workout nutrition tips:


When it comes to living a healthier and fit lifestyle, most people focus on exercising. Regardless of what type of exercise you perform, exercise is only a small piece of the health and fitness puzzle. No matter how far you run or how long you strength train, your results will be minimal if your nutrition does not support your fitness goals.

Your diet and daily nutrient intake comprises up to 70% of your results in and out of the gym. Out of your entire day’s nutrition, the most critical meal is what you eat immediately after you get done working out. After you get done working out your body is primed to utilize nutrients more efficiently and if utilized correctly, your post workout meal can improve your recovery in between training sessions, increase lean muscle mass, and enhance fat loss.

Your post workout meal should contain simple carbohydrates and fast digesting proteins. The carbs will replenish your body’s glycogen stores and will increase the body’s ability to synthesize protein to repair the damaged muscle tissue. The amount of protein and carbs you should consume post workout varies greatly and is determined by your body composition, intensity of exercise and duration of exercise. For example, a 110 lbs. female performing light cardio for one hour will not consume the same amount of protein and carbs as a lean 200 lbs. male that performs an hour of moderate intensity strength training. To keep things simple, I have provided sample portion sizes for the average male and female for my top five post workout meals. Try adding one of these meals after your workouts to help you refuel and recover from your training.

Top 5 Post Workout Meals

1. Gatorade with Whey Isolate
Women: 8 oz. of G2 Gatorade with 1 scoop of Whey Isolate
Men: 8 oz. of regular Gatorade with 2 scoops of Whey Isolate

2. Greek Yogurt w/ Honey
Women: ½ cup of Greek yogurt with 1 tbsp. of raw honey
Men: 1 cup of Greek yogurt with 2 tbsp. of raw honey

3. Shredded Chicken Breast and White Rice
*Add your favorite salsa
Women: ½ cup of rice and 4 oz. of shredded chicken
Men: 1 cup of rice and 7 oz. of shredded chicken

4. Fish Tacos
*Add salsa and veggies to your liking
Women: 1-2 small flour tortillas and 4 oz. of white fish
Men: 2-3 small flour tortillas and 6-8 oz. of white fish

5. Egg Whites and Oatmeal
For the early bird training sessions
*Added 1-2 tbsp. of Splenda Brown Sugar
Women: ½ cup of oatmeal and ½ cup of egg whites
Men: 1 cup of oatmeal and 1 cup of egg whites

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