Refresh Your Skin at Skin Appeal in Tucson

Restore your youth and beauty at Skin Appeal, an aesthetic medicine practice in the heart of the Sonoran Desert in Tucson. The clinic specializes in skin rejuvenation and non-surgical facial rejuvenation to help each client leave feeling more educated, refreshed and radiant. 

Founder and owner of the medical center, Christy Hall, initially started Skin Appeal after working as a gastric bypass surgeon, who decided to take her skilled hands at something she enjoyed more: medical aesthetics. 

With a mission set on helping others feel more confident without a need for surgery, Hall opened Skin Appeal in 2013 and continues to focus on outstanding customer service with outstanding results for each client. Hall and her staff take the time to not only help guests feel and look their best but also to educate them on the skin and its aging process. 

During a visit, guests can expect to start with a thorough assessment and an in-depth consultation to help determine a personalized treatment plan for optimal results. The clinic offers a multitude of services, including traditional services like Botox, fillers, facials and hair removal; in addition to some not-so-conventional treatments including cryotherapy, a temperature-based treatment that activates your body’s natural healing mechanisms, and the new Emsculpt Neo, the only FDA-approved body contouring device to help eliminate unwanted fat.

The medspa staff understands that a male’s aging process is different than a woman’s and has developed a curated skincare menu and services directed toward the male aging process, including age prevention, sun damage reversal, wrinkle reversal, fat reduction and more. The practice naturally completes each treatment without looking as if you had any work done. 


Shortly after the opening of Skin Appeal, Hall developed a plant-based cosmeceutical skincare line to help restore the skin’s natural properties and functions with a natural and organic product. The line, Mikel Kristi, has since curated a cult following and is incorporated in select treatments at the clinic, and available to all patients for purchase.

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