Restaurant of the Week: Prep & Pastry

Prep & Pastry has opened in Scottsdale to show us why they won Tucson Weekly’s coveted title of Best Brunch 3 years in a row.

Walking into the Restaurant you are greeted by a pastry bar filled with the fresh desserts and pastries they have to offer. Their pastry chefs come in everyday, at dawn, to hand craft the signature pastries that are served. Each day they also feature a signature dessert for your indulgence. Their bar sits next to it, beckoning you to try one of their infamous Bloody Marys or one their 9 mimosas – a fan favorite is the Prickly Pear Mimosa, or you can get creative and build your own. 


Their menu features brunch and breakfast classics like avocado toast,  omelettes and pancakes. Among the showstoppers are the Green Chili French toast, served with green chile bread, jalapeno relish, lime crema, and topped with sunny side up eggs and the Cast Iron Duck Confit which features a braised duck, shallots, cabernet braised cherries, spinach, prep’s potatoes, cherry goat cheese mousse, and topped with over easy eggs. 


If you’re a grilled cheese fanatic, Prep & Pastry’s Grilled Cheese served with Tomato Bisque is truly Iconic. It’s an asiago sourdough bread filled with white cheddar, brie, kale pesto and shaved parmesan on the outside. The tomato bisque is slow cooked every day, allowing the flavors of this simple soup to really shine.


If you are feeling spontaneous, you can try “Chef Kayla’s Call,” which is a breakfast meal the chef creates that changes every week.

For vegans and vegetarians, they have an entire section of the menu dedicated to delicious plant based dishes. 

The Dossant is a trademark pastry of theirs – a delicious hybrid between a donut and a croissant. It comes topped with a hazelnut spread and roasted walnuts. It has an incredible crispy, yet flaky, texture.  


The Berry and Cream Eclair is another local favorite. They take a hand crafted eclair and top it with whipped buttercream and an array of fresh strawberries and blueberries. 

Pastry & Prep is located at the Scottsdale Waterfront and open everyday from 7pm – 3pm.

If you want to lean more or even check the wait time before you arrive, visit for menus, photos, and weekly updates. 

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