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Set Jet’s Private Jet Membership Program

As a membership-based private jet charter program, Arizona’s own Set Jet invites travelers to soar in style, whether for business or pleasure. Currently, Set Jet offers flights to and from Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Salt Lake City, and Cabo San Lucas, with routes in Texas and Florida opening soon.

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Set Jet membership is available to a limited number of travelers in each of the cities. Thanks to its member-based service, the company provides a luxurious new approach to private air travel. A major hallmark of the Set Jet experience includes non-congested, private terminals that are often a nuisance of traditional commercial air travel. Plus, members don’t need to book travel days and weeks in advance and aren’t penalized with price premiums for last-minute travel. Plus, because Set Jet knows that time is of the essence for everyone, there are no check-in requirements (members have been pre-security screened) so travelers don’t need to sit around for their flight hours in advance. In fact, members only need to arrive at least 20 minutes before flight time.

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Traveling with Fido or Fluffy? There is no charge for small pets up to 20 pounds (they must be able to fit in a pet carrier or on your lap during the flight). There is up to a $350 charge for larger pets. Plus, members are allowed two standard-sized bags and one personal belonging.

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Once you take to the skies, the company’s Member Services Representatives and Cabin Hostesses ensure all guests receive top-tier service and accommodations. Beyond the flight options, Set Jet members may receive exclusive benefits, including discounts, as well as preferential VIP access with the company’s hospitality, food and beverage, health and beauty and ground transportation providers.

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Members may enjoy up to four daily private jet charter flights between Scottsdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Salt Lake City for $99.95 (one-time), $99.95 per month and from $750 one-way. Private jet charter flights between Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas and Scottsdale and Cabo San Lucas are also available, starting at $1,330 one-way.

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