Sonata’s Rolls Out New Menu Under New Chef

A new season and a seasoned veteran leading the kitchen means it’s the perfect time for Sonata’s Restaurant to introduce a new menu.

Since opening just over a year ago, Sonata’s Restaurant has received acclaim for its Eastern European cuisine. New Executive Chef Vincent Contreras has expanded the menu to include some other regions while keeping many of the most popular dishes.

The Shared Plates section features many of the new items. The Charred Spanish Octopus is a difficult dish that is mastered here. It has a perfect char while remaining tender on the inside. The caramelized peppers and fingerling potatoes are a nice accompaniment and the velvety tomato sauce is mellow and pleasing. Another new dish is the Pan-seared Foie Gras. It sits atop a glazed yam with French Toast-style bites, a Blis syrup and a spicy chocolate sauce. There is an explosion of flavors from this dish and it disappears almost before you get a chance to appreciate all of them. If you want to start your meal with something a bit lighter, the Tuna & Salmon Crudo is a good option. It is also a great choice If you like contrasting textures. The green apple & ginger gremolata is the highlight of a refreshing dish.

Cherrywood Smoked Duck

People frequently pair wines with their dinners or various courses. If you choose the Cherrywood Smoked Duck for your entree, pair it with the Cranberry Sauce cocktail and both the dish and the drink go to a whole new level. Some of the popular entrees still on the menu are the Chicken Kiev, the Stuffed Cabbage Rolls and the variety of Kabobs.

One new dish that absolutely has to be discussed is the Tagliatelle Bolognese. The housemade tagliatelle is thinner than most but still has enough weight to hold up to the rich, meaty bolognese. There’s just a touch of spice and it is one of the best pasta dishes you will find anywhere in the region.

Beverage Director Will Simpson has worked his magic on the cocktail list beyond the aforementioned Cranberry Sauce. Four different sections ranging from the traditional classics to a selection of unique creations means multiple trips to Sonata’s are required just to try them all.

Sonata’s is open Tuesday through Sunday for dinner and serves brunch on the weekends. For more information, visit

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