Spence Diamonds Opens at Scottsdale Quarter

Spence Diamonds, the leading Canadian diamond jewelry retailer that offers a unique diamond shopping experience, opened its third U.S. retail store at Scottsdale Quarter.

When you walk in Spence Diamonds, you immediately notice it is bright, modern and welcoming. The eye catching sparkle from the diamonds will have you feeling like a kid in a candy store. One of the biggest things that sets Spence Diamonds apart from other jewelry stores is the un-intimidating shopping experience. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and the prices are completely visible and transparent. No haggling, no negotiating. What you see is what you get.


In addition to the brand’s disruptive retail concept is its exclusive product offering – “Spence Artisan Created Diamonds.” Identical to mined diamonds in every way, but created in a plasma chamber instead of being dug out of the ground, these diamonds are physically, optically and chemically identical to the finest diamonds mined from the Earth, but they are substantially larger at any given price point.


For example, a stunning 6 carat diamond engagement ring would cost around $120,000 if it was a mined diamond. This Artisan Created Diamond is just as beautiful and costs just $44,235.

In addition to stunning engagement rings, Spence Diamonds carries beautiful necklaces, bracelets and other rings.


To learn more about Spence Diamonds, visit spencediamonds.com.

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