Karve Studio 10 Class Package Special Offer

Karve Studio in Scottsdale, an exercise method that sculpts bodies using free weights and the ballet barre, is offering 10 classes for $150 in the month of October.*


The Karve Studio technique is devised in such a way that develops the longer, leaner muscles that are responsible for endurance, which is why Karve works the muscles to their absolute fatigue, and then shape those muscles by stretching the muscle group worked before moving on to another calorie-burning muscle group in the same manner. Doing so consistently will yield visible results in your physique within the first month, some clients have reported noticing differences in their bodies in just two weeks. The longer you practice the technique, the stronger and leaner your muscles become, creating an even firmer, more graceful physique over time. Karve Studio has created the magic formula that will give every woman the best figure that she could possibly ask for with consistent work and commitment.

The beauty of this endurance-type training of the muscles, is that you can do the workouts far more often, even when you are still sore from a previous workout, and the training will only help to improve your fitness and health over time. Therefore there is no reason to have to take 1 or two days off in between each training day, and there is no need to add in any other type of training if you are consistent with this method. It will increase your heart rate, improve your strength, your flexibility, your posture, energy levels, and much more.

*There is no limit to how many can be purchased. Classes must be used within a year of purchase date.

For more information visit karvestudio.com.

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