New Year’s Resolution: Get in Shape at Karve Studio

It’s a new year and everyone wants to look and feel better! Karve Studio in Scottsdale is offering a month of unlimited classes for only $100 for new clients to help you reach your New Year’s resolution goals!


Karve is an evolved exercise method stemming from Callanetics and the Lotte Berk Method, the Karve exercise technique creates a lean, firm, sculpted body by reshaping and elongating the major muscles. Karve is the fastest, most effective and SAFEST way to change your body from the inside out. Karve fuses highly focused and controlled movements through ballet barre work, core strengthening, yoga, Pilates and orthopedic stretching techniques. Using high repetition, small range of motion, accuracy, and focus, each muscle group is worked thoroughly and completely, then stretched to create long lean lines. The entire body is challenged throughout the class, which quickly improves posture and body alignment, and creates a body equal in strength, beauty, balance, and youthful vitality.

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