Sunfare Optimal Cleanse

Summertime has arrived and you may not be feeling quite ready to get in that swimsuit. If you need a jumpstart on that summer body, the Sunfare Optimal Cleanse can help you get there.

Sunfare offers personalized healthy meals delivered right to your door daily, serving the Phoenix and Los Angeles areas. Started in 1997, it is one of the longest running meal prep businesses with a loyal customer base including many celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, who recently did the 10 Day Sunfare Optimal Cleanse to prepare for the Met Gala.

The Sunfare Optimal Cleanse is a limited-cycle, full body detox. They offer a 5 day or 10 day option, which can help jumpstart weight loss and clean eating habits.

So what does the cleanse consist of exactly and why does it work? The Sunfare Optimal Cleanse is NOT a crash diet. The cleanse slowly removes solid foods before allowing only shakes days 4 through 6 (on the 10 day cleanse), and then slowly reintroduces food over the remaining 4 days. More importantly, the food and shakes are nutritionally complete, meaning your body is receiving everything it needs. (see 10 day sample menu below)

In more detail, the Sunfare Optimal Cleanse is a nutrient-based whole body detoxification system designed to eliminate toxins from fat cells and liver. These toxins can be responsible for weight gain, irritability, loss of concentration, allergies, skin conditions, hormone imbalances, and poor digestion. A detoxification cleanse allows two things: a free-flow of substance and energy through the liver, lower abdomen and cellular activity throughout the body. And secondly, it helps support the body nutritionally, allowing nutrition to be absorbed more efficiently. This cleanse is designed to detoxify and prepare your body for optimal health. Many toxins are unable to escape our bodies and can be stored for years or even decades.

This detoxification process with the Sunfare Optimal Cleanse helps:

  • break food addictions like caffeine and sugar, detoxify the liver and fat cells
  • boosts and helps repair metabolism
  • weight loss, with most people losing up to 10 pounds on the 10 day program
  • rejuvenates, re-energizes, and restores vitality while promoting healthy cholesterol levels and better hair and skin

Fabulous Arizona founder Cynthia Sassi recently completed the 10 Day Sunfare Optimal Cleanse and she definitely noticed the above benefits. Her weight was down up to 7 pounds during the cleanse and she maintained a weight loss of 5 pounds thereafter by continuing a mindful and clean diet. The most impressive side affects of the cleanse that she noticed were:

  • increased energy. By day 4 she was waking before her alarm, felt great in her workouts and didn’t feel the need for caffeine.
  • reduced inflammation. Reduced bloating in the stomach is an obvious result, but the reduced inflammation throughout her whole body was a pleasant surprise. There were clearly built up toxins that were causing inflammation all over.
  • clearer skin. Any breakouts she had prior completely cleared up and her skin was just radiating, almost glowing, by the end of the 10 days.
  • mentally and physically breaks habits and addictions. It trained her brain to think differently about food and eating, as well as broke a bad sugar addiction.

We won’t sugar coat this for you, completing the the 10 Day Sunfare Optimal Cleanse is not easy. It will mentally test you, but the results and the way you will feel will be completely worth it.

Sunfare is offering Fabulous Arizona readers $100 off the 10 Day Sunfare Optimal Cleanse. To sign up, call 623.582.0588. To learn more about Sunfare, visit


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  1. I definitely want to try this!!! Traveling right now, but hoping to schedule it soon!

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