Sustainable Lifestyle: Favorite Scottsdale Restaurants

Tracey Martin is a Sustainable Lifestyle Leader and author and has been a certified Transformational Life Coach as well as health, life and wellness advisor for more than 25 years. Tracey’s mission is simple, to protect our natural resources, planet, and our most precious resource: humankind. She is sharing her knowledge with us in this weekly column and this week Tracey reveals her favorite restaurants to eat, mindfully, in Scottsdale!

Sustainable in Scottsdale – favorite places to eat, mindfully. WOW. that sounds like an interesting reality show, right? Actually I wanted to take a moment and share a few of my very favorite restaurants for keeping it close to my values and principles on sustainable living.

We have a multitude of choices when it comes to restaurants in Scottsdale. Some are exceptional and some are more of the same.

When I decide to go out for to eat, I have to ask myself a few questions.

  1. Who do I want my money to support?
  2. Will I have fresh, local and seasonal choices?
  3. Does the restaurant promote the principles of healthy eating and lifestyle that I align with? Is there something for everyone in my party.
  4. Are lifestyle options available such as vegan, gluten free and organic. And when I choose these am I met with a friendly face or a rude scowl from the wait staff.

You see, I believe that my dollars are votes cast in the way a certain company “does business.” Every time you spend money on food, clothing or entertainment, you are supporting a specific way of business. For me it has to be more than just the product of what they are selling.

Here are my top 3 restaurant choices…..

True Food Kitchen


I love the healthy organic options here and the transparency of their prep kitchen. They are very focused on an anti-inflammatory diet and peoples wellness. I love that they rotate the menu seasonally. As well as supporting local farms and businesses means they are creating sustainability in their supply chain. The messages on the walls just punctuate what the restaurant stands for. The wait staff is always friendly and informative. My favorite quote on the one of their walls is: “I regret eating healthy, said no one ever!” This is so true. Having dinner here is a treat for a special night out.

Flower Child


The full array of salads that are on the menu makes someone choosing healthy options very happy. Like True Food, they also support local farms and create seasonal options. Which is really the way we are suppose to be consuming our foods. Flower Child makes it super simple. You can pick any one of their salads or bowls and eat them vegan or you can add your choice of animal protein. The wait staff is courteous and quick to serve your food. Some of the decor is vintage or recycled pieces. Even the dinnerware is from recycled materials.

Farm and Craft


This restaurant is truly a place for community. Their menu is based on 4 paths to “Wellness”. They are focused on serving sustainable foods and are sure to source gluten free, hormone free and organic ingredients. Hanging out here at happy hour for a homemade kombucha or pressed juice is truly my idea of a “Happy Hour”! the kind you don’t need to recover from.

I shared mine, now I would love to hear some of yours! I am always looking for new places to go.

Sustainably Yours,
Tracey xo

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