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Tracey Martin is a Sustainable Lifestyle Leader and author and has been a certified Transformational Life Coach as well as health, life and wellness advisor for more than 25 years. Tracey’s mission is simple, to protect our natural resources, planet, and our most precious resource: humankind. She is sharing her knowledge with us in this monthly column and this month Tracey talks about making the most of your summer vacations.

Barefoot, beaches and bliss. YES. Summer vacations are almost here. Where will you go this year? What memories will you make?

Every year millions of people embark on another summer vacation. If you have school aged kids, you probably try to pack as much in as possible until the first day of school is back on the calendar. Maybe you will visit another country, or visit family or a famous theme park. Whatever you do, I invite you to do it mindfully.

Vacations can be crazy. I have heard so many people say. “I need a vacation from my vacation.” That really doesn’t sound like fun to me. Kind of reminds me of something a friend once said. “Can I call you back, I am rushing so I can make it to my meditation class.” What!? Think about that for a minute. When was the last time you spent an entire afternoon on a floaty sipping lemonade and reading the summers best seller?

The most successful summer vacations can also be the simplest.

Living in Arizona, we have so much beauty close to home. How about becoming a tourist in your own state? When you have resided in one place for a long time, it becomes just like every other place. We don’t see the beauty and wonder that we are surrounded by everyday. Let’s treat Arizona like the next best destination. These vacations will save you time, will reduce your carbon footprint and you just might fall in love with your home state again.

Two amazing sights to see:

Antelope Canyon – My goodness this is one of natures most breathtaking natural architecture. The colors and textures will leave you in awe. Schedule a tour and be prepared to be blown away. Being in nature is one of the most grounding experiences you can have.

Mooney Falls – Another amazing feast for the eyes. This beautiful oasis will be your new favorite summer cool off. Living in the valley we can always use a few more of these.

Two things to remember:

Let your “inner child” come through. Play at a park or local water park. Summer getaways do not always have to be hundreds of miles from home. Be willing to rediscover the culture. Visit local museums and Art galleries. We have some of the best.

Two things to educate yourself about:

We don’t always think of learning something new over the summer. Why not? Think outside the box. How about learning more about the constellations or plants? Head up north to Flagstaff and be surrounded by stars. The celestial kind. Learn about our native Sonoran Desert. Plan a visit to the Desert Botanical Gardens.

Maybe the best way to spend your summer is just being lazy. That’s ok too. Give yourself permission to just be. Recharge yourself by living without a schedule. Without running everyone everywhere all the time. Reconnect ever time it is possible. But most of all. Enjoy these days.

Sustainably Yours,
Tracey xo

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