The Gen-F Plan

Time to Freeze is a dedicated website by the Arizona Associates of Reproductive Health, designed specifically for women to discover if they may be candidates for freezing their eggs.

The Gen-F Plan makes it easy to start the process to learn about your fertility and options. You start by going to the website and take a quiz to provide a little information about yourself and your goals. The next step is being scheduled for a blood draw to test your anti-müllerian hormone (AMH). Nothing can predict fertility potential 100%, but an AMH test is proven and a great indicator. A low level of AMH is an indicator of Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR), a slowing down of the ovaries, decreasing the number of eggs.

Once you receive your results, you will be contacted for a complimentary consultation with one of The Gen-F Plan fertility specialists. At this point they will discuss your results with you and if egg freezing might be something you should consider.

A follow-up appointment can be set up to discuss the options in greater detail that include a review of the woman’s medical history and treatment plan. Through this process, women are given more knowledge, control, and capabilities to build a family for whenever they decide they are ready for a baby.

There are many reasons women may consider freezing their eggs due to where life is “today”. Some may want to focus on careers and personal goals, while others may feel that they haven’t found the right relationship for children yet. So egg freezing can take some of the pressure off, so you can enjoy your life knowing you have a plan.

The cost for the consultation + AMH blood draw is just $195 and is covered by most health plans.

For more information about The Gen-F Plan and to start the quiz, visit

About Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health

Dr. Patel founded Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health (AZARH) in 2005 with the vision of providing the highest level of care available to help patients build a family. Before founding AZARH, Dr. Patel was the Medical Director for Reproductive Endocrinology for the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ, and has been board certified since 2005. He has been a recipient of Phoenix Magazine’s Top Doctor Honor consecutively for over a decade. This designation is won by peer nomination. Dr. Patel provides personalized fertility care with advanced, tailored treatment plans designed to fit the needs of each patient.

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