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The Jenesis House: Arizona’s First Female, Black-Owned Resort Brings a New Kind of Wellness to the Desert

Arizona is already a pretty notable destination for all things healing—from health retreats to crystal spas and natural vortexes, the state is literally a wellness hub. But with the launch of The Jenesis House—an adult-only spa set to open in Prescott as the state’s first female, Black-owned resort—Arizona’s wellness scene is about to get a much-needed (and frankly, long overdue) revamp.

Jenesis Laforcarde has spent much of her professional career dabbling in the creative and wellness spaces (even working as a buyer for The Henna Shoppe), all while familiarizing herself with the highs and lows of the hospitality industry.

“As a creative director to many brands, traveling and hotel-hopping was my lifestyle. I was particular about where I stayed because my surroundings could have a huge impact on my mood,” says Laforcarde. “I’ve always been very passionate about health and wellness, and really learned so much by representing holistic brands and staying at wellness resorts.”

One of the biggest things she’d discovered was the notable lack of diversity present in the wellness resort space throughout the United States—with Black Americans reportedly owning less than two percent of hotels, and Black American women owning less than one percent.

“I feel that there is a void that prohibits a lot of people from experiencing a place that exudes tranquility and style. I want to fill that void.”

Thus, the idea for The Jenesis House was born.

“My original concept initially was just a high-end tea house that had a yoga studio and the vision eventually grew into a wellness resort,” says Laforcarde. “The Jenesis House will be for those who seek to discover the true luxury of self-care, and will aim to bring an awareness to the importance of mental and physical well-being.”

The Jensis House wellness resort Arizona
Photo courtesy The Jenesis House.

All while being based (rather intentionally) in Prescott “…with over 299 sunny days, it was the obvious choice to open the first location here,” says Laforcarde.

As the first female, Black-owned adult-only resort in Arizona, The Jenesis House will offer an expansive spa, along with healing arts, farm-to-table nutrition, and complete wellness immersion in a “beautiful, energy-efficient, sustainable setting.”

Visitors will have the opportunity to engage in thoughtful healing sessions with instructors, along with full-time access to Pilates and yoga instruction, in-room soaking baths and meditation, plus a Nordic Spa, healthy menu offerings and on-site gardens for added access to nature therapy.

Beyond the carefully crafted, wellness-immersion experience, the 13-room destination retreat will also be heavily inspired by Afro, French and Asian influences—a cultural mix which is reflective of Laforcarde’s own diverse background.

Perhaps most impressive of all, the self-funded project is compensating for startup costs via its luxury candle collection—which also doubles as a way of “giving something beautiful back to the community,” according to Laforcarde.

“We recently launched our body bar cleanser this year and plan to launch a few other wellness products soon,” says Laforcarde. “For those that want to make an even larger impact, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on allowing our supporters to pre-book their stay at the resort at a heavily discounted rate through February 2022.” 

The Jenesis House is set to open in late 2022 to early 2023. In the meantime, stay up to date on all of the news surrounding the wellness resort’s debut, and support the concept through The Jenesis House candle collection—available to purchase at

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