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Tips for Having a Camper Van as an Investment

If you’re willing to put in a little time and effort, a camper van can serve as a fantastic investment–one that you can certainly enjoy yourself to savor a front-row seat to the country’s loveliest landscapes. Thinking about putting a camper van on your holiday wish list? Check out Phoenix-based Tommy Camper Vans, the Valley’s leading one-stop shop for camper vans.

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Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

The most important aspect of keeping a camper van as an investment is making sure it is up to date on its regular maintenance and keep a log of all services and new parts that you can pass along to a new buyer. Keep an eye under the hood and keep on potential leaks or discoloration. Be sure to never ignore odd noises, bare tires, leaks or the check engine light. If you’re not a mechanic yourself, it is best to leave the maintenance up to the professionals. And make sure your camper van is up to date before it hits the open road.

Rental Tips

The pandemic put camper van travel on the radar of many people who desire a vacation without having to take a plane or check into a hotel. Renting out your vehicle (a la Airbnb) is a great way to use a camper van as an investment. Sites like RVShare and Outdoorsy allow you to list your camper van for free, and the sites make the rental process simple and convenient. Per RVShare, it is typical to charge between $100 and $200 per night to rent out a camper van.

Choosing the Right Camper Van

Before you can even consider having a camper van as an investment, you need to choose the camper van that is right you and your needs. At Tommy Camper Vans, customers can choose from four layouts: Bennett (the most popular layout), Maddox (which has an interior shower), the jump seat (perfect for families) and the convertible dinette (ideal for those working remotely). Want a camper van that can accommodate kids? Consider the jump seat model. Want to appeal to telecommuters? Look to the convertible dinette, for instance.

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