Tommy Camper Vans’ Custom Creations

With more than 15 years of experience in van and truck customization, Mikey Rudman founded Phoenix-based Tommy Camper Vans, a one-stop shop for camper vans, two years ago. Fast forward to this year and Rudman and his team has a goal to sell an unprecedented 200 vans. “People realized the American dream isn’t a white picket fence, a house and a mortgage. You don’t have to fight traffic to get up north on a Friday. You can already be up north.”

Via Tommy Camper Vans, people can work their 9-to-5 remotely (which is possible with cellphone boosters). Once the end of the work day arrives, they open their doors to the beach or the mountains–not to a long commute back home.

What sets Tommy Camper Vans apart from its competition? First, Rudman works on a three- to five-month timeline, thanks to his team of expert craftspeople and concise assembling, while others might have a long 18-month turnaround. Also, his creations are affordable, making this off-the-grid life available to more people.

Read on to see three of Tommy Camper Vans’ impressive custom builds.

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