Un•tied: The New Concierge Service for Divorcing Couples

Deciding to file for divorce is a trying process that is unbearable for the heart, and finalizing the separation is a rough road that is nearly impossible to navigate on your own. Luckily, a new Scottsdale consulting firm, un•tied, provides an all-knowing concierge service for both men and women contemplating divorce or who are newly separated and need help during the process. The firm is female-owned and -run by former divorcees who know firsthand just how trying the process can be. 

Un•tied was born out of the frustration owners Amy Bloomberg Corben and Sheri Heitner-Anderson experienced when deciding to separate from their partners and were faced with the harsh reality that there is a major lack of resources available to help individuals navigate the complex process. There are endless financial records to find, a house to sell, counseling to secure for themselves or their children, and other complicated tasks to take care of all while grieving the end of a marriage. 

“I found very few resources beyond a referral or two from a girlfriend. We wanted to create something unique and provide those going through separation or divorce with a roadmap that wasn’t available to me at the time,” says co-founder Bloomberg Corben.

The firm offers a multitude of services, including financial document sourcing, a network of professional references and guidance to help with the challenges along the way. A complimentary 20-minute phone consultation is used to help begin a client’s journey, followed by a comprehensive intake session to provide a clear picture of each individual’s situation. The company will then help design a road map to steer clients in the direction of building their new best life. 

“We want to make this journey in our clients’ lives more manageable, less stressful, more organized and focused to save them time and money,” says co-founder Heitner-Anderson. 

To learn more about un•tied, visit untiedaz.com.

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