What is HYPOXI?

The word HYPOXI has been buzzing around town since the opening of the first two locations in the U.S. here in Phoenix and Scottsdale. A training method that can target fat loss in specific areas, HYPOXI has been popular for many years in Australia and Europe. With it being a completely new concept in the U.S. and appearing to be “too good to be true,” many people have a lot of questions about how HYPOXI works. Fortunately we have the answers! 

Not only have we personally seen the results a 12 session HYPOXI program can have, but we got the low down on exactly what HYPOXI is and how it works.

How does HYPOXI work?

Many people struggle to lose fat in common problem areas such as the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs, despite regular exercise and a healthy diet. HYPOXI allows people to target specific areas to reduce fat, and is the only training method that combines advanced compression technology with low-impact exercise to help the body’s natural system burn stubborn fat and reduce cellulite.

While performing a low-impact exercise of either pedaling or walking, HYPOXI’s vacuum and compression therapy increases blood flow and body temperature, accelerating the release of fatty acids from the targeted area. Released into the blood stream, the fatty acids are then used by the body as energy. This method has proven to be three times more effective at targeted fat and cellulite reduction than traditional exercise, and it is noninvasive.

How long/how many times do I need to do HYPOXI to see results?

For best results from your HYPOXI-Training, HYPOXI suggests three training sessions a week for 4, 8 or 12 weeks depending on your goals. You will begin to see results within the first three to six sessions. After 12 sessions, clients see results with lost inches and reduced cellulite in targeted areas. After you have reached your goal, clients can choose to move to a maintenance program that is 1-2 HYPOXI sessions per week.

Each session takes only 30 minutes, whether that be on the treadmill or bike. The HYPOXI-Dermology treatment is only 20 minutes which means if you use it in conjunction with a HYPOXI device you can be in and out in under an hour.


Are there any dietary restrictions involved with HYPOXI?

Your HYPOXI-Coach will provide nutritional guidelines to maximize your results. One key factor to ensuring best results is to avoid carbohydrates for four to six hours after each session. Why no carbs? HYPOXI’s vacuum and compression therapy helps increase blood flow and body temperature, accelerating the release of fatty acids from the body. These fatty acids are then released into the blood stream and used by the body as energy. However, introducing carbohydrates in to the body immediately following a training session stalls the body’s use of the released fatty acid and the newly introduced energy, preventing fat from being eliminated.

Who should do HYPOXI?

Anyone! Even people who workout regularly can have stubborn fat that can be eliminated with HYPOXI. It’s also great for someone who might be recovering from an injury, or just starting their weight loss journey. Brides-to-be love to use HYPOXI before their wedding to look their best in their wedding dress.

For more information about HYPOXI and to set up a consultation, visit hypoxibody.com.

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