What to Wear to Phoenix Fashion Week 2016

Phoenix Fashion Week is quickly approaching, so we turned to our fabulously stylish friends, the #SmartBlondes, for some tips and advice for what to wear to Phoenix Fashion Week 2016…

Hey there Unicorns! First off, we could not be more excited that Fall has arrived. Finally. Fresh outfit ideas, pumpkin spice lattes (let’s just be basic for a second) new makeup trends and of course, ANY excuse to dress up! And as we have officially entered into the Fall fashion months, you know what that means? Phoenix Fashion Week is right around the corner Unicorn Babes! So Fab AZ peeps, here’s the skinny on What to Wear to this 3-day extravaganza of new designers, networking and runway fashion: #SB edition.

Tip 1: When in doubt, wear monochrome!

So if you’re not quite ready for the showstopper element and not sure what to wear, you’re pretty safe with black or white…or both! These colors are timeless and can be accessorized with loud statement pieces such as a simple harness or a studded clutch. We rocked these monochrome looks at PHXFW Spring Into Style 2016 and kept our hair understated yet sassy with blowouts by Sherry Hubby of Admirroration Salon!


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Tip 2: Be a showstopper!

Now we all know it’s no surprise that #SB likes to go all out. Fashion week is your opportunity to do just that! This is your time to shine and make a statement. Don’t be afraid to be bold. We did just that at the PHXFW TOP 40 EVENT. All drama with the Victorian-esque looks by RARE SCARF VINTAGE. This vintage shop is run by the fabulous Mitch Phillips. She’s a crazy talented stylist and interior decorator. The clothes and accessories are all showstopper ready and one of a kind. Definitely shop her spot if you’re looking to turn some heads!


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Tip 3: Pick A Theme

If you’re gonna rock the “red carpet” with your squad, wear something that ties all of you together. Like mixing metals or bright colors. We attended a RAW ARTISTS event in support of some fab local shops like CITY ROYALS and EMBELLISHED JEWELRY. We went with black lace and mesh as our theme which works perfectly as an avant garde look for PHXFW!


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Tip 4: Wear a Trending Color

So #UnicornArmy, there are usually four good colors to stay in for fall that are complimentary and can still be rocked at a designer showcase! Burgundy is huge right now (We may or may not be wearing that to San Diego Fashion Week but shhh don’t tell) Anything in the mustard to orange family, golds, dark blue and aurora red. Also capes are good for a little drama.


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Tip 5: Always, Always, Always Tailor Your Looks!

It is SO important to have things hemmed, poked and pinned to fit your body type because it’s not a one size fits all show. You are a unique unicorn babe and that’s what you’re showing off! If you’re going to rock a romper (as seen below and at a local charity event for AZ HUMANE SOCIETY) you have to have bits of it tailored to fit your body, slim it in the mid section if theirs too much material there, add a button in the back for more support. It’s the little things that will set you a part and keep you on the Best Dressed List! (keep that seamstress on speed dial!) STyle 2.0 has some Fab Finds for event ready wear.


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xo #SB

If you would like to attend Phoenix Fashion Week 2016, you can purchase tickets here: Use promo code FABAZ for $20 gift card good towards any seat (not applicable towards standing room tickets).

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