What to Wear to the Phoenix Open 2023

Wondering what to wear to the Phoenix Open 2023? WM Phoenix Open, a six-day event kicking off Feb. 6 at TPC Scottsdale, calls for practical yet chic wardrobe selections. Think high-class stripes, collars, polos, and neutrals.

The wardrobe stylists from Luxe and City’s Fashion House incorporated green, navy, and black and white for this year’s looks. Bold colors, stripes, and small subtle patterns are great options for a more lively yet effortless style at the WM Phoenix Open.

What Women Should Wear to the Phoenix Open


With Arizona’s winter season being unpredictable, dressing the part for an outdoor event can be a challenge. A pair of satin shorts can class up a typically casual outfit and can be complemented with a warmer blouse on top, as seen on Vera and Rocio. Accessorizing a lightweight top with a sweater tied around the shoulders or chest can perfect a look while providing the option to throw it on if the weather gets colder, or take it off as the temperatures rise in the afternoon.

Men’s Looks for the Phoenix Open


Menswear trends tend to stay consistent for this event with polo shirts and khakis, but these can be turned modern and make even the simplest pieces feel like a statement through color blocking. In honor of Waste Management’s eco-sensitive efforts, Saturday, Feb. 11, will be a complete “green-out.” Hues of green, like the vibrant jacket seen on Daisjion, can add a pop of color to a classic look. We paired plaid trousers with a solid navy jacket to juxtapose the simplicity of a traditional polo or button-up.

What Shoes to Wear to the Phoenix Open

Comfortable shoes are key for this event, as there will be a good deal of walking on various terrains and hills. A simple sneaker or penny loafer works for everyone. And it is important to keep the tournament’s bag rules in mind when planning accessories; purses cannot exceed 6″x 6″x 6″ and clear bags are allowed if they aren’t larger than 12”x 6”x 12”. Hats and sunglasses are also great accessories to keep the sun out of your eyes while adding a little something more to your outfit.


Phoenix Open Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup should also fit the aesthetic just as much as your accessories or shoes. Slicked-back ponytails, buns or loose curls can keep you looking polished throughout the long days at the Phoenix Open. A ponytail with face-framing pieces transitions nicely from day to night, according to hairstylist Sandra Goodman. Makeup artist Gabi Villalta recommends keeping the makeup simple, glowy and fresh for this daytime outdoor event. 

Finding ways to keep it simple and classic while adding subtle flair is key when deciding what to wear to the Phoenix Open this year.

Article written by: Alexia Hill

Photographer: Jeff Otto

Luxe and City Fashion House
Wardrobe Apparel

Luxe Model Group
Rocio Valenzuela
Pascale Bushaw
Vera Rosalind
Daisjion Draper
Zade Nassar

Hair: Sandra Goodman

Makeup: Gabi Villalta

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