What to Wear to The Polo Party

The 2019 Scottsdale Polo Championships returns to WestWorld November 2nd, so we turned to the fashionable McKenna Wesley, founder of The Bubbly Blonde, for some tips on what to wear!

A no-brainer, but very important tip is to wear SUNSCREEN! This fabulous event is held outside all day (there are tents, but many are hosted and you do need special credentials to get inside) so unless you want to add sun damage to your face… make sure you apply before you arrive!

That being said, Ladies and Gents, go ahead and wear a great hat if you’d like. Make this your opportunity to see how a beautiful hat can draw attention to your lovely face and a great fedora can make a man very handsome!


Ladies shoes: This tip is very important! Wear a flat shoe (or boot), a great wedge or a thick heeled sandal or shoe. You will be walking on grass all day and you don’t want a stiletto heel sinking down in the soft grass, causing an embarrassing tumble or a turned ankle! Trust me on this one!

Ladies attire: You will see all kinds of clothing, however my suggestion is to choose lady-like outfits, such as a lovely sundress with a light sweater or jacket, stylish polo attire (check out a Ralph Lauren ad if you need inspiration) or a pretty romper. Highs will be low-80’s on Saturday, so layers are a great way to make sure you’re not too cold in the shade and not too hot in the sun.


Men’s attire: You will also see all kinds of attire at this diverse event, but for a stylish look, go for something that summons up dreams of the Hamptons, Palm Springs or Wellington, Florida. Many men get creative with natty sport coats and even wear with colorful walking shorts. Finish the look with a hat. Many of the men who wore shorts last year, did the no sock look. Just make sure if you plan this look that your shoes are comfortable. You will be walking if you want to fully experience this fun event!


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