Where to Stay in Orlando

Orlando is a popular tourist destination thanks to the excellent weather and famous attractions. However, choosing accommodation is one of the steps in your trip planning you need to complete. When browsing for different Orlando resorts, the final choice depends on the attractions you want to visit. Check out our guide to the Orlando areas to learn what will best fit your needs.

International Drive

International Drive is the most popular spot for accommodations in Orlando thanks to its proximity to major attractions. Reaching Orlando’s famous theme parks is easy from this area. Buses are available to the nearest attractions so that sightseeing would be straightforward, and is ideal if you also want to feel the city’s vibrance. Whether you like shopping or entertainment, you can always find a venue that suits your preferences. International Drive also provides accommodations that fit any budget range. 


Kissimmee is ideal for those who prefer to have a calmer vacation away from the busiest parts of the city but is still close enough to experience the urban lifestyle. It offers spectacular nature but is also close to the Orlando theme parks if you want to experience that as well. If you travel with family or a big group, it is common to rent a villa for comfort. 

Winter Park

If you wish to explore art and culture, this part will be an ideal place to find accommodations. You can check the museums or explore the parks, which constantly have events. Winter Park is also near the main attractions in Orlando; however, it has a distinctive feel for the ones willing to explore the culture.


Eatonville is another excellent place to explore the art and culture of the Orlando area. In addition to visiting the museums, you can enjoy the fine restaurants and try different foods. It provides a more relaxing vacation with still has many things to do. 


Downtown will be an excellent choice if you’re traveling without kids. You’ll find everything needed for the ultimate tourist experience, with plenty of transport options to reach the famous attractions. The Amway Center and Lake Eola Park are some popular landmarks you can experience in this part of Orlando. Downtown is also a great option to experience the nightlife with many fine restaurants and trendy bars. Getting around is easy by utilizing taxis, busses, or rideshare. You will also find downtown Orlando to be very walkable.

Orlando is a famous tourist city as it has lots to offer. If you’re going for a mix of culture and nightlife, go Downtown. To experience the local life closer, we recommend you go to Eatonville. If you visit Orlando to see the theme parks, search for your accommodations on International Drive.

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