Winter Camper Van Travel Destinations

Arizona is home to many stunning sites to explore, from the Grand Canyon to subterranean limestone caverns. It’s much simpler to take advantage of everything this state has to offer on your own timeline and terms, all from the serene safety of an adorable home away from home. As winter approaches, it’s the perfect time to go glamping with the help of Phoenix’s own Tommy Camper Vans, a one-stop shop for camper vans. Here are the top five winter camper van travel destinations to discover this upcoming season and beyond:

Catalina State Park

Resting at the base of the sprawling Santa Catalina Mountains, the ideal winter camper van travel destination for hikers and bird watchers is Catalina State Park. The park is home to desert plants, wildflowers and plenty of wildlife, including more than 150 species of birds to discover. The self-guided routes are perfect for sightseeing and soothing the soul with a stunning mountainous backdrop. You’ll pass incredible historical sites like the Hohokam village as you trek through the park. And if your feet get sore, be sure to check out the stables to take on the trails on horseback. There are also plenty of campsites available to travelers. Each site offers picnic tables and BBQ grills for the authentic living-off-the-land experience. And be sure to swing by the conveniently-close Oro Valley Heirloom Farmers Market for some fresh produce from local farmers if you’re planning on having a grill-out. Tommy Camper Vans offer plenty of space to store your adventuring equipment–or farmers market finds! From the stunning scenery to the adventurous activities, Catalina State Park is a prime winter camper van travel destination.

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Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon promises to be an unforgettable visit on your road trip across Arizona. The captivating twisting walls of Antelope Canyon were created by millions of years of water erosion. The canyon’s scenic setting makes it the ideal backdrop, especially during late fall and early winter. During this time of the year and beyond, the sun’s position casts light to illuminate the pink, red and gold patterns on the canyon walls. Your surroundings will appear ethereal as light streams right down into the colorful canyon entrances. Wintertime hues are more subdued but no less beautiful. On your journey, you’ll likely pass through the city of Page, which will likely draw you in with its charm. If you decide to stop, you can check out a local brewpub and expansive views of Lake Powell. Afterwards, be sure to catch a sunset while hiking or get a bird’s-eye view of the landscape from a helicopter tour.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon

When you think of visiting the Grand Canyon, you don’t typically expect to witness a sea of enormous evergreen trees. The Grand Canyon National Park, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, is more commonly imagined as a vast canyon than as a lush, green retreat. This might be because most visitors are unfamiliar with the more elevated North Rim area, which has a vastly different landscape than expected. Evergreen trees and white-barked Aspen trees coexist on the Grand Canyon’s North Rim. The aspen’s leaves change to a variety of golden-yellow hues as the temperature drops, so be sure to get some pictures while they’re colorful. Make your road trip a scenic one and check out this winter camper van travel destination while the leaves are changing.

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Lake Havasu State Park

Take to the lake and visit Lake Havasu State Park, close to glistening water and full of beautiful beaches, winding nature paths and cozy campsites. Aside from the lake itself, Lake Havasu is a restful resort community that resembles a paradise oasis in the middle of the desert. Guests can spend time fishing, swimming and even renting a boat, paddleboard or kayak. From stunning stargazing opportunities (one of Tommy Camper Vans’ most unique elements are its roof top and stargazing tents!) to beachside sunrises, this lake is a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When you’re on your own agenda, you can take your time exploring the terrain and check out some local attractions. It’ll be impossible to miss the famous London Bridge. This enormously eye-catching bridge was constructed in the UK before being disassembled and transported to Arizona in 1967. Here, each and every block was returned to its original place above the Colorado River. Through and through, this Arizona state park is perfect for a winter camper van travel destination.

Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Looking to experience lush greenery and lovely lagoons? Look no further than Dead Horse Ranch State Park, a camper’s paradise. Full of cottonwood trees with canopies to cool off underneath, this winter camper van travel destination is kept cooler by a soft, constant breeze. The wind gently sways the cottonwood trees and creates rhythmic ripples on the lagoon’s smooth surface. This remote desert location offers a variety of outdoor excursions. There are plenty of shared-use routes for horses, riders and hikers, as well as chances for fishing and kayaking. For a multi-park adventure, be sure to update your bucket list and check out neighboring parks in Sedona and Jerome. Exploring the remarkable culture, history and beauty of north-central Arizona is best done via camper van at Dead Horse Ranch.

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