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2021 Interior Design Trends: Comfy & Cozy

Comfort, bringing the outdoors inside and destination-inspired décor will rule interior design trends coming to a room near you. Mary Hampton, owner of Scottsdale-based Hampton Design & Closets, discusses these 2021 interior design trends and more.

More than 10 months of lockdown, lots of time spent at home and tight travel restrictions have sparked big changes when it comes to what we can expect to see in 2021. Shiplap is getting the boot, gray kitchen interiors are fading fast and all-white interiors are on the no-no list.

Sandy shores will take the top décor spot. Bringing the chilled-out lifestyle of the Hawaiian Islands into your living room is a great way to escape reality. Don’t be afraid of big, bold, printed wallpapers with jungle leaves or huge flowers if you want to feel like you’re on that vacation COVID-19 brought to a screeching halt. But don’t go overboard. Just like basking under the sun, too much of something is never a good thing. When it comes to prints, stick with dressing up one wall.

Next, vintage feels. Thrift store décor will ignite a true sense of coziness and comfort. If your favorite sitting space feels a bit empty, try staple pieces like antiques, repurposed furniture or over-the-top retro finds. Some of the best items will be at your local mom and pop thrift shops. Don’t be afraid to go digging for these gems because they will be the key to unlocking a true vintage-style look. This trend requires layering and be sure it’s your taste because it won’t feel cozy without your personal touches.

Earthy shades are also ready to takeover. A natural color palette packed with rusty shades of red, light greens and dark browns will bring lots of warmth to any room. Be careful, though. If you decide to move forward with a really dark shade, don’t go crazy. Choose one wall as the focal point in order to maximize all the cozy feels.

The Arts and Crafts trend will be a big winner in 2021. Handmade, decorative pieces that embrace the iconic 19th century movement will transform any room in a very surprising way. Think of handmade pillows, curtains, lamps and blankets. But less is more when it comes to this trend.

And houseplants take us into the homestretch. Fish bone, bunny ear and blue star ferns are a force to be reckoned with. These particular houseplant species are not only easy to keep alive, they can boldly transform a boring room into a living atrium that brings mental clarity, embodies new life and allows you to care for something other than the thoughts that are pulling you to make a change in your home.

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