Arizona Remains a Top Option for Veteran Living

In February this year, Governor Ducey announced a plan that aims to almost double the number of veterans in the state’s workforce. This adds to his commitment to making Arizona the top state in the country. Considering how much effort is being made to make the state veteran-friendly it should come as no surprise that it is home to no less than seven of the best cities in the USA for Veterans according to WalletHub. From creating opportunities for social interaction and offering recreational benefits to providing a home away from home for in-need veterans, here’s a closer look at some of the reasons why Arizona is considered to be one of the best places for a veteran to live in.

Plenty of Opportunities for Social Interaction

Every year for Veteran’s Day, Arizona plays host to a number of events that not only pay honor to past and present veterans but also facilitate social interaction between veterans as well as other community members. Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, and Chandler are all known to go all out as far as celebrations such as parades and fairs are concerned. Social events for veterans are not, however, limited to the weeks leading up to Veteran’s Day in November. Some of the monthly and annual events veterans can look forward to include the Phoenix Veterans in Residence Showcase, the Memorial Day Hike, and the ever-popular Coffee for Vets which provides free coffee and bagels to veterans.

Outdoor Recreation Benefits are Plentiful

Arizona offers a range of financial and employment benefits to veterans. It is also home to a number of esteemed legal firms that provide assistance with everything from queries pertaining to VA benefits to upgrading the characterization of discharge. In addition to these services, veterans also qualify for a number of recreational benefits. Hundred-percent service-connected disabled veterans who have been living in Arizona for at least a year can apply for a free fishing/hunting license combo while those without a 100% disability rating will qualify for discounted licenses. In a bid to improve the physical and mental health of its veterans, Arizona also offers discounts on their state parks.  Free day-use passes are available to all resident veterans who are rated as 100% service-connected disabled.

A Home Away from Home

As much as every veteran would like to age in place it is, unfortunately, not always possible. On top of being offered various incentives and benefits, veterans in Arizona also have access to a number of state and private living facilities. Two state veterans’ homes are currently located in Phoenix and Tucson with two further facilities currently under construction in Yuma and Flagstaff. These homes both provide skilled rehabilitative-and general nursing care.  These homes accept veterans who were honorably discharged and who are certified by a doctor as being in need of nursing care. Dependent and surviving spouses may also take up residence in these facilities where the physical, mental, and social well-being of everyone is a top priority.

Arizona is considered to be one of the most veteran-friendly states in the USA. Considering the effort that is made to help ensure the physical and mental well-being of veterans it is not hard to understand why this accolade was bestowed upon the Grand Canyon State. 

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