Closet Cleanout: Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Summer is almost here, so it is time to reorganize your closet, clearing out the winter clutter. We turned to organization expert and owner of NEAT Method Scottsdale, Mika Perry, for tips on how to organize your closet.

  • Invest in matching hangers. If you haven’t done this yet, this is the one thing you can do to instantly transform the look of your closet. Our favorites are the slimline black velvet hangers.
  • Spend a few minutes editing out items that you know didn’t get much use this past fall or winter. Letting them continue to take up valuable closet space won’t allow your warmer-weather wardrobe to shine.
  • Say goodbye to items no longer wanted using a mail-in service like The Real Real for the luxury brands or ThreadUp for contemporary brands.
  • Think like a boutique and highlight your favorite items by moving them to the most “prime” space of your closet. Hats? Colorful workout wardrobe? A collection of bags? Whatever you love, give it room to stand out.
  • Create a display of your favorite jewelry using lucite or wooden trays and stands. Seeing your pieces like this will remind you of all the gorgeous baubles you probably forgot you had and showcase them in a new light.
  • Line up all your shoes by type then color and point all toes forward. This creates the most streamlined look. For casual shoes like sandals or athletic shoes that often get tossed onto the floor, corral them into labeled bins. Shelving space for shoes needs to be kept for your prettier pairs!
  • “File” your clutches in rows, arranged by standing them upright using lucite dividers.
  • Stuff your handbags with unused dust liners to prop them up for display. If you see them, the more likely you will use them. (You have no idea how many incredible bags (Berkins, Chanels, YSLs, you name them) we have seen sadly stuffed into a corner or piled on top of each other! )
  • Don’t keep seasonal coats, especially leather and furs, in plastic garment bags which trap chemicals, dust, and air. Switch them into breathable linen covers that protect the quality of your pieces.

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