Countertops: Real Stone vs Manufactured Surfaces

With the growing number of possibilities for countertop surface, David James, owner of Create and Construct Scottsdale, shares with us some important factors to keep in mind when deciding if to have natural stone or manmade materials when designing a kitchen or bathroom.

Everyone loves the look and feel of natural materials. Today there are a number of possibilities that mimic natural materials, so what would make a designer choose one over the other?


Manmade materials, such as quartz, concrete or glass, provide consistency in design; the patterns, colors and textures can be engineered to provide a surface that is exactly as you want it to look. Manmade materials are often more durable than natural materials and are generally more cost effective in terms of both value per square foot and upkeep. Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in the number of options available in the manmade countertop market. Rather than there being solely quartz or wood composites, engineers are now creating surfaces that mimic real stone and other surfaces in a very near-perfect way but with all the benefits cited above of not having to worry about the ephemeral aspect of natural materials.


Natural materials, such as marble, quartzite, wood and granite, provide inconsistency of design; the patterns, colors and textures provide a unique look that will not be found in any other natural stone because, by nature, each stone has its own character and individual qualities. No matter how advanced we have become in producing material that resembles the real thing, it will never be that real thing. Choosing to have a countertop of real stone allows more of a personal style to come through in a kitchen or bathroom remodel. Each slab of natural stone is unique; it is like a work of art – the “earth’s art.” Natural stone will also behave uniquely over time according to the home setting it is placed in. It will reflect your character, your lifestyle; it is more emotional than a manmade surface and makes a statement about you as a person.


So, if your primary concern when choosing your countertop is budget and durability, you would probably do best to choose a manmade material. If your primary concern is to have an interior that reflects your unique personal style, natural stones are the right choice for you!

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