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Far too often, we hear of house remodel projects that have turned sour. What started off as the dream house project turns into the remodel nightmare where workers don’t show up, deadlines are not respected and budgets are thrown to the wind. Create & Construct Scottsdale prides itself on its impeccable reputation in being able to meet and respect all of these core client-contractor commitments. Of course the unpredictable can pop up which can cause an initial plan to need to be modified, but the clients of this Scottsdale-based home renovation company are always kept in the loop. Each stage of the remodel and its development is discussed as it progresses in order to avoid the regrettable scenario where expectations are not met and the client is left feeling disappointed and disillusioned.

“Communication is an integral part of working with our clients”, says CEO and founding company owner David James. “Our work schedule is mapped out for all involved and regularly updated so that we can ensure the smooth running of project and so that we can manage and fulfil expectations. Communication is key for the smooth running and successful final outcome of any construction project.”


With 17 years’ experience as a project manager in international construction, David James understands the importance of establishing the ground rules before a worksite commences and being accountable for each of the stages throughout the lifecycle of a project. David ensures the smooth running of his sites through planning, forethought, preparation and making sure to maintain timely and accurate projection of material logistics. As a client, you will be given clear timeframes to work with for your personal choices such as tile, flooring or appliances. And if you want help making those choices or getting connected to reliable sources, they work with a select few interior designers who can step in to guide you through the sometimes overwhelming amount of choices involved in a full remodel. David is reputed for ensuring that labour is scheduled to match the demands of the particular jobsite and that the material requirements at each stage of the remodel. He aims to maintain the reputation that precedes him and makes sure to only collaborate with other professionals that can deliver work to his standards.


When you think about it, allowing a crew of people you most often have never met before to come into your home and tear things down, create a general mess and typically for over at least a couple of days takes a lot of trust. This trust needs to be founded at the start of the relationship and then consistently proved and built on as deadlines and agreements are met through to the fulfilment of the project. Husband and wife team, David and Victoria James, work together to take care that what their clients aspire to create and build becomes reality, right down to the last final last details. They run a crew of highly skilled and reliable local construction workers, each chosen to join and remain on their crew through consistently proving their reliability.

Living in the house of your dreams has as much to do with creating a seamless and stress-free experience throughout the remodel as the finished newly renovated house you get to then call home. Get in touch with Create & Construct Scottsdale and start planning your dream house:

Create & Construct owners Victoria and David

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