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Home Improvement Trends 2024

A new year means new design trends for Arizona luxury homeowners, and contractors are already starting to see where home improvement interests are heading this year. Here are a few trends Arizona contractors are seeing in the home improvement market. 

Bye-bye white and hello bold colors

Last year, homeowners played it very safe with the improvements they made to their homes. Homeowners were looking for improvements that were versatile and malleable to changing styles. 

“No one was looking to rock the boat in 2023 so in response we had a lot of homeowners painting their kitchens and their bathrooms white,” says Amber Carfield of Scottsdale’s Kitchens by Good Guys. According to Carfield, homeowners are done playing it safe and are breaking out with more bold and brave color choices.

“All the white we were doing last year is falling out of popularity, and homeowners are getting braver with their color choices,” Carfield says. “This year, we are installing massive kitchen islands but adding a custom blue or green color that really makes a statement.”

According to Carfield, homeowners are starting to realize that things such as resale value don’t need to be the first thing that comes to mind when you do a home remodel. Homeowners are starting to see the intrinsic value of creating something that you love as opposed to making something to please others. A nice green might not be the average homeowner’s cup of tea, but who cares because you live in the home and love that color? 

“People want something that they personally will love. A blue island might not appeal to the broadest audience of potential home buyers, but we don’t have to remodel our homes as if we need to sell them tomorrow,” Carfield says. “Use a bold color you love, and if you want to sell in the future you can always paint the space white later.”  

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So long natural grass and hello outdoor kitchens

Arizona luxury homeowners are done dealing with the costs and maintenance of a natural grass, lawn which is why they are pulling out their natural lawns and installing artificial turf. 

Tom Smith, owner of Tempe landscaping company Desert Designer Landscape and Development, says a greater emphasis on water conservation and a general desire to spend less on the water bill is spurring the increased demand for artificial turf. “Maintaining a big beautiful natural lawn requires a lot of time, money and water,” Smith says. “The effort to maintain a natural grass lawn just isn’t worth it so luxury homeowners are installing artificial turf in their front and backyards.”

Artificial turf technology has come a long way over the last decade with technology that has improved the look, feel and longevity of it. Artificial turf is popular for homeowners looking to cut their water bill while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and green outdoor space. 

Luxury homeowners are also seeing the value of a backyard space perfect for hosting and nothing signifies that more than an outdoor kitchen. Fully functional outdoor kitchens are a very popular trend among luxury homeowners. A set-up may include a dining area, a prep area, sink, cooler, refrigerator, cutting board and, most importantly, a large grill. It is a home improvement upgrade only available to those who have the money and a large enough backyard to fit a kitchen and outdoor dining area. 

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Goodbye tile and welcome natural wood floors

Luxury homeowners are getting tired of tile floors. To many homeowners, they don’t look as modern as a beautiful house with hardwood flooring.

Mike Gillis, owner of Renewed Life Properties in Sun City, says luxury tile floors throughout the house are losing their luster. “Tile flooring except in the bathroom is on the way out. A lot of homeowners don’t like the look of the grout, and they don’t like how easily the material can chip.”

Homeowners who own a property of $1 million or higher are instead choosing natural hardwood floors. Natural wood is a high-quality product and there is a style that can match any type of home from traditional to modern. Natural wood floors do require extra maintenance, but homeowners are finding the extra costs to be well worth it. 

Natural materials also extend to natural stone, which has been a popular countertop option for homeowners for years and, in 2024, they are taking natural stone to the next level. 

“We are seeing a lot of interest in natural stone backsplash this year,” says Carfield. “Homeowners are using this big, beautiful stone on their entire wall instead of going with tile backsplash that was popular last year.”

According to Carfield, natural stone backsplash is another way to help homeowners stand out and make a house uniquely their own.

Max Lancaster is a freelance writer living in Phoenix.

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