Home Seller Tips from Mimi Sadeghi

It sure is a seller’s market in real estate, buyers’ demands are high and the inventory is low. Real Estate expert Mimi Sadeghi put this list together for sellers who are thinking of selling their home and getting top dollar in this market.

  1. Interview your realtor, find out if they have the knowledge and expertise to sell your house and specifically ask for their marketing plan. Be careful with those that promise you big profits, they most likely don’t have your best interest in mind and just want to get your listing. Listing your house doesn’t always mean that it can get sold.
  2. Neat looking homes sell faster and for higher price – Research shows staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than un-staged ones. Staging can be expensive but you will end up selling your home faster at a higher price. If you are on a budget, hire decorators that work with existing furniture. They help you reorganize your house and de-clutter to make it appealing to buyers. Also keep in mind that the curb appeal is just as important because it is the first impression they get from your house.
  3. Price is the key to the sale – Most serious buyers schedule a showing within the first 3 weeks after a listing hits the market. Take advantage of that sweet timing by competitively positioning your home so it is perceived as the next best home in the buyers’ eye. Don’t rely on the suggested pricing from websites that use automated valuation models. Ask your realtor for the average of SOLD comparable homes within the past 6 or 12 month. That should provide you with a good estimate of your home’s market value. Bottom line is today’s buyers are savvy, they do their homework ahead of time and they know if a house is overpriced. If your house is overpriced it will sit on the market for a long time. And when a property is market worn the seller will end up taking more discount than selling it at the right price from the beginning.
  4. Make your home a turnkey and move in ready – Take care of the repairs and replacements that you would demand as if you were buying your house. Small changes such as trimming trees, replacing cabinet knobs, or a fresh coat of paint can go a long way in selling your home. Who doesn’t like the smell of new paint? Ask for a professional opinion before making any major upgrades to the house; you may not get any return on your investment. We live in a ‘market value’ driven and not a ‘cost plus’ market.

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