Making Your Kitchen the Heart of the Home

The holidays are prime time for getting together with friends and loved ones. And whether you live in a condo or a castle, chances are that everyone will want to congregate in the kitchen. So, what can you do to create the ultimate warm and welcoming atmosphere? We turned to David James, owner and founder of Create & Construct Scottsdale, for tips on making a visit to your house feel like a true homecoming.

“It used to be standard design for the dining space to be a more enclosed room separated from the rest of the living space,” says David. “But with the trend toward more open kitchens, the person cooking can chat with grandpa watching the game or the kids having a snack at the breakfast bar. It really lends itself to creating the perfect environment for entertaining.”

With the kitchen becoming a favourite gathering spot, appliances are on display more than ever before as decorative showpieces in their own right. Not surprisingly, they are one of the most popular home upgrades during the season of cuisine and camaraderie. Create & Construct Scottsdale offers such esteemed products as Sub-Zero refrigerators and wine preservation units, and Wolf ranges with griddles, charbroilers or versatile French tops.
“There are loads of brands on the market, but when people have worked hard to make a home their own, they want – and deserve – the best in their kitchen amenities,” says David. “The appliances we stand behind aren’t the most inexpensive, but they are durable and top quality.”

Another important thing is making your counter space truly count. Even if your kitchen is fairly spacious, you can always use more room when you’re feeding a crowd. Add a small shelf above the backsplash to keep frequently used items so they’re within easy reach, but not taking up valuable real estate. Or try a moveable island extension if you need a little extra room for food prep or display.

Lighting offers one of the greatest opportunities to subtly shape the ambience of your home. Options ranging from LED lights and lamps to overhead lights and chandeliers make it easy to set the scene to your liking. Brighter light creates a cheerful mood and encourages activity. However, bright, direct light can be too harsh, so lighting should be focused on walls or points of interest, such as a unique design element of your home, or a prized piece of artwork. If you’re looking to wind down the evening, dimmers are a great way to segue into a more relaxed feel.

Whether your celebratory style is easy or extravagant, incorporating a few of these suggestions into your repertoire will make your home the place to be this season!

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