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Phoenicia Essence Elevates Holiday Hosting

Whether you’re hosting friends and family for a get-together or welcoming out-of-towners for a holiday stay, Phoenicia Essence offers homeowners a chance to create a fully immersive, cozy holiday experience via its cold-air diffusing technology and seasonal fragrances.

We already established that scent is tied to memory more than any other scent. And the holiday season provides more opportunities to create such cherished memories. More and more, fragrance is becoming as important as garland, twinkle lights and Christmas trees when it comes to holiday décor (remember those fake branches with pine scent?). Scent not only immerses guests in a full holiday experience but ensures those experiences result in wonderful, long-lasting memories. In fact, 75 percent of the emotions we generate daily are due to what we smell, according to Mood Media.

The best part about Phoenicia Essence and its variety of fragrances is that each room can offer a different experience as guests move through separate areas of the home. With Apple Cider Snickerdoodle (a warm blend of apple, orange zest, clove, cinnamon, warm bakery, sugary vanilla and caramel), bring back memories of baking Christmas cookies in the kitchen. Create a cozy space with a warm woodsy fragrance in the living room, thanks to Cinnamon Cedar (a blend of mandarin, pineapple, lemon, cinnamon, thyme, eucalyptus, cedar and sandalwood). To really impress guests, add citrus to freshen up the bathrooms with Snowy Mountain Cottage (a blend of crisp air, citrus, sage, lily, menthol, pine, cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla and amber).

And the perfect parting gift for your holiday guests so they can take the scents of the season home with them? A diffuser or fragrance from Phoenicia Essence (see the company’s gift guide here.)

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