Quality vs. Quick Fix: Invest in the Best

You get what you pay for is the mantra of quality-minded homeowners for good reason: it’s true more often than not. But how do you strike the balance between investing in excellence while avoiding overspending? David James, owner and founder of Create and Construct Scottsdale, gives us a builder’s perspective on exactly why quality matters, and how it can actually save you money in the end.

“There’s nothing wrong with researching to make sure you’re getting a fair price for labor and materials. In fact, it’s very wise to do so,” says David. “But keep in mind that when you buy too cheap, you generally need to buy twice. And that applies whether you’re talking about a new refrigerator or a full kitchen remodel.”

High-caliber contractors are absolutely critical to keeping quality at the forefront of your project. Working with experienced professionals who are licensed, bonded and insured will help to guarantee both a safe construction environment and an outstanding outcome.

“Choosing a contractor based strictly on a lower price is a common mistake that can cost you more in the long run,” says David. “Contractors who have invested in their own businesses by procuring the necessary licenses, tools and equipment will likely be more accountable for their own actions. Unlicensed workers have less at stake, and will often do things to cut corners, like using warped lumber and subpar fittings or hiring an inexperienced crew. This puts you at risk for a result that isn’t to your liking and possibly not in compliance with code.”

And while it’s always nice to find a bargain, sometimes cheaper options may end up looking exactly that: cheap.
“Solid craftsmanship comes from dedication and pride in the finished product,” says David. “Individuals who truly care about their artistry simply won’t allow their work to be anything less than stellar. And their ethics demand that they deliver what they promise, right on schedule.”

If you’re considering selling your home, carefully chosen upgrades such as changing outdated lighting fixtures or ceiling fans can be an important part of the marketing strategy. And a new coat of paint is always a great way to give the home a clean and refreshed look.

“When you’re choosing paint, neutral shades are your best bet,” says David. “Colour preference is very subjective, and you want to give the potential new owners a ‘blank slate’ that they can personalise to suit their taste.”

Create and Construct Scottsdale will perform a walk-through of the house to determine which renovations would best increase the value of the property before resale without elevating the home price too far above those in the neighboring area.

With 2018 coming to a close, it’s a great time to consider wrapping up the year with an eye toward a fresh start. Give yourself the gift of a home that is constructed with care and reflective of your unique style and personality. You deserve it!

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