RBN (Real Buyer Network)

Thinking about purchasing your dream home? RBN (Real Buyer Network), a Valley-based company, offers homebuyers American Express Membership Rewards points when using a real estate agent hired from its website.

In 2016, local entrepreneur and investor Dr. James “Kipp” Lassetter posed the question: “You get reward points for everything else, why not get them for the largest purchase you make–your home?” And, RBN was born.

Realizing it would be advantageous if consumers could earn reward points for purchasing a home, Lassetter assembled a team of highly experienced real estate professionals and ecommerce experts to make RBN come to life.

To get started, visit the site here. RBN-participating real estate agents are proven top-rated specialists in their local market and are hand-selected to participate with RBN.

There is no limit on the number of American Express Membership Rewards points consumers can earn, and the home is not purchased on any type of credit card. Simply use an RBN-participating agent by connecting from the RBN website. The homebuying process follows the traditional real estate process with cash or mortgage financing. For instance, buy a $500,000 home and earn up to 500,000 points; buy a $1,000,000 home and earn up to 1,000,000 points; and so on.

Homebuyers have already earned millions of American Express Membership Rewards points using RBN-participating real estate agents. There are thousands of ways for consumers to enjoy the rewards–from small treasures for a new home to grand gestures and bucket-list vacations that create lifelong memories.

For more information on RBN and to connect with an RBN-participating real estate agent, visit www.joinrbn.com.

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