Residential Rejuvenation: Show Your Home Some Love

Whether you and your home have a long-standing relationship or are still in the just-moved-in honeymoon phase, the month of love is an ideal time to give your house some TLC. David James, owner and founder of Create and Construct Scottsdale, offers his expert take on how to refresh your residence.

“Often times people think updating their home means having to latch onto the latest design trend,” says David. “But we believe that your home has to feel like you, not a carbon copy of someone else’s dream property. And we love collaborating with designers that share that same sensibility.” 

Create and Construct is excited to have recently joined forces with JoEllen Sessa, Principal and Lead Designer of O.M. Design Group, LLC. JoEllen’s background in the arts and entertainment field brings a uniquely fresh and vibrant edge to her interior design work.

“One of the things we appreciate most about JoEllen is not only her passion for doing top-notch work, but her willingness to listen to the client,” says David. “She is brilliant at keeping up with what’s new in the industry. But even more important, she takes the homeowner’s needs and desires for their daily lives into account when presenting them with options.”

And those options can range from a simple switch to a spectacular splurge. Here are just a few ways you can shower some affection on your abode:

Beautiful Blooms – Use flowers to brighten a main room, or split them up amongst tiny vases placed throughout your home. Or choose some lovely and easy-to-maintain houseplants such as peace lilies or Chinese evergreen. Do not be afraid of large format arrangements. These can add drama and color to any table, small or large

True Colors – One of the simplest ways to spruce up your home is to switch out your paint colors. Ease into it by painting a bathroom or other small area. Once you find a color palette you fancy, move on to the more prominent parts of the house. Designer tip: A darker color in a smaller room can actually help it feel larger.

Little Luxuries – Whether or not you’re ready for a full remodel, your home will thank you for updating it with thoughtful extras. A vintage lamp, elegant side table or specially curated piece of artwork allows you to express your own style through your surroundings. You can change the mood of an entire room just by updating one light fixture.

Make Memories – The best way to appreciate your home is to actively enjoy it. Dust off the good china and throw a dinner party. Or just invite some friends or family to pop by for pizza and a movie. The menu is far less important than the moments you’re creating.

“When Victoria and I first moved to the desert from Switzerland, we were determined to make our home truly our own,” says David. “So, it’s all the more important to us that we’re able to help our clients feel as at home in their space as we do in ours.”

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