The Latest On Land And Property Clearance In Arizona

Have you ever wanted to take advantage of everything the beautiful state of Arizona has to offer? Now could be your chance. Arizona has many wide-open spaces ripe for development, and communities throughout the state are experiencing exponential growth.

According to Landflip, an acre of land in Arizona is going at $1,172 per acre, encouraging various development and expansion. The most lucrative land clearances available for building are in the Phoenix metropolitan area, as it harnesses the largest potential for return on investment. However, if you are looking to move outside of this bustling metropolis, you may pay even less per acre. There are acres of land experiencing development in the budding borough of Oro Valley, located in the Sonoran Desert. Mesa is popular as well, as it has a strong economy.

Let’s take a look at some of the projects going on in these areas:

New Developments
According to popular news source AZ Big Media, there are quite a few new constructions in the area. This, in turn, has led to higher demand for land clearing services and the like to refresh and revitalize plots of land prior to building. Some of these new constructions include the Mesa Temple renovation project, which has been ongoing for several years. Furthermore, the construction company, City Creek Reserve, is also beginning a large development next to the temple. This is considered a significant boom to the area’s capacity and reshapes the entire surrounding region. In the heart of Tempe, Palladium Enterprises is working on a project next to the Arizona State University campus called the GRID. This dynamic project will include various retail, office, and residential buildings. This project’s main driver is the boost the ASU students will provide for the new development, as it is within walking distance from the campus. 

Focusing On Students
They expect that once completed; the GRID will include up to 196 apartments, 75 urban flats and 15 privately owned rowhomes. Furthermore, a state-of-the-art educational facility is planned for ASU. It will be the main center of ASU students studying technology, media, film and entrepreneurship at the esteemed Hemberger Institute. The plan is to rejuvenate the downtown in Tempe and add even more activity to an already bustling college town environment. The Metro Light Rail has experienced an extension in recent years to accommodate the influx of visitors, as it now reaches Gilbert Road.

For those who are thinking about taking advantage of the tremendous new developments around the great state of Arizona, now is undoubtedly the time to make a move and see the opportunities that Arizona has to offer. Who knows? One of the newer planned developments just might mean a new home and a new reason to love Arizona.

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