Top 6 Reasons to Move to Arizona

Arizona is a beautiful state with diverse cultures and terrains. The weather is comfortably warm here and the cost of living is low. So, if you are exploring options for settling down, Arizona is a good choice.  Here are some of the most fabulous facts about Arizona that will make you want to move to the state immediately.

1. Great Neighborhoods

The Grand Canyon State has a wide selection of neighborhoods for you to choose from if you are going to move to Arizona. There are areas for youngsters that offer great nightlife options, and areas for families that offer family-friendly perks and benefits. No matter what lifestyle you have, you can easily find a suitable neighborhood here to settle down in that is also within your budget.

You don’t even have to buy a place of your own in Arizona right away – you can rent an apartment or condo. Just make sure you get the best insurance plan when you move. You can check the average renter’s insurance quote for Arizonans online and compare your options.

2. Sports and Adventure

Arizona is perfect for sports enthusiasts. Phoenix, which is the capital of Arizona has over 200 sprawling golf courses. You can also attend Phoenix Open here which is one of the most popular tournaments among golf lovers. Another interesting fact about Phoenix is that it has sports teams in 4 top professional sports leagues- NBA (Phoenix Suns), NFL (Arizona Cardinals), MLB (Arizona Diamondbacks), and NHL (Arizona Coyotes).

If you are into outdoor sports, Arizona won’t let you down. It offers ideal terrain for mountain biking, hiking, tubing, rock climbing, horseback riding, etc. If you decide to live in Phoenix, you can go to any of the 180 parks, or explore around 41,000 acres of mountain and desert areas to partake in your favorite adventure sports.

3. Career and Business Opportunities

One of the most important things you need to look for when considering a move to Arizona is the scope for career and business. The state has a strong job market, especially in Phoenix. You will find all kinds of innovative technology startups and well-established companies here. In fact, many companies have their headquarters here- Uber, Amazon, Avnet, and Shutterfly.

The unemployment rate in Arizona is lower than in most states, and professionals in manufacturing, construction, insurance, finance, and logistics are in high demand in the state. Lastly, the average cost of living here is quite low – house rent, food, transportation, utilities, etc. are affordable here. So, even if your salary is less, you can live a quality life here without any problems.

4. Fabulous Food

What’s life without good food? You will find different cuisines in Arizona, from traditional American comfort food to hot and spicy Mexican food. There are great food trucks, diners, and fine drive-thrus in the state. If it’s pizza you crave, you can enjoy some of the most mouth-watering pizzas at James Beard award-winning Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix. Other options to check out here are Gallo Blanco, Barrio Café, Los Dos Molinos, and Rito’s Mexican Food.

5. Excellent Connectivity

Arizona offers good connectivity with many important cities and locations. If you are considering a move to Arizona but want to easily travel, you can hop in your car and drive to California, Las Vegas, or even Mexico within a few hours. You can also make easy trips to surrounding cities such as Glendale and Scottsdale. To give you a perspective, you can reach Grand Canyon and Saguaro National Park from Phoenix in four hours and two hours, respectively.

6. Education

If you are a student or have kids, then education is an important factor to consider when moving. Arizona has some of the best schools and colleges in the nation. In Phoenix alone, there are over 30 school districts and over 300 public schools, and 200 private schools. So, you will have plenty of options to choose from. You will also be able to find decent schools near your house no matter where you decide to live.

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