Your Dream Remodel with Fabulous Finishing Touches

Your home is a more than just a roof over your head – it’s an exquisite expression of your unique style and personality. Victoria James of Create & Construct Scottsdale shares the secrets to blending beautifully bespoke artwork into your environment.

As the “Create” in the Create & Construct Scottsdale team, Victoria is a classically trained professional abstract artist who graduated with honors from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. She has extensive experience in producing and showing her work internationally in both solo and group shows.


“The most current trend in remodeling homes is to make them be Contemporary in style,” says Victoria. “Arizona has a vast array of home designs from Hacienda and mid-century Modern to the heavier, rounded look of Tuscan architecture. Many people are now looking to update with a more minimal, modern tone. But the ultimate goal is always to make the home feel personal and authentic, not just following whatever is most popular.”

To help homeowners further elevate their upgrade, Create & Construct Scottsdale offers Contemporary Art curating. Working in concert with the designer and contractor, Victoria uses her creative and practical skills to find pieces that complement the aesthetics of the home. She regularly calls upon her network of local and international artists to assist her in finding the perfect pieces to suit the specific tastes of her clientele. Whether it involves presenting a myriad of options from a bank of existing artwork or commissioning something entirely new, Victoria’s goal is to be part of the team that makes clients’ dreams come true.


In addition to working with remodels, Victoria and her team also offer house staging services for real estate agents looking to prepare houses for sale and homeowners who want their residence camera-ready for a photoshoot prior to putting it on the market. “In order to appeal to the greatest number of potential buyers, the details are really important,” says Victoria. “And one of the particulars is having the right artwork to accentuate the colour palette and style of the home.”

With the arrival of beautiful fall weather in the desert, the season of entertainment has begun. The Create & Construct team will decorate the interior of any home or venue for dinners, receptions or other festive occasions. And for homeowners that entertain frequently, they can provide new artwork for each event, so guests are constantly treated to fresh, new visions each time they visit.


“When you’ve put your heart and soul into making a space truly your own, adding original artwork that resonates with you is the ultimate finishing touch,” Victoria says.

Victoria is currently showing at Royse Contemporary in Old Town Scottsdale as part of the “Reinventing Abstraction” group exhibition, featuring the work of four local female abstract artists.

To view Victoria’s art portfolio and learn more about her background as an artist, visit

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