Author: Melissa Larsen

sienna stark yogieflow

Go with the “Flow”: Young Valley Yogi Shares Her Passion

In an effort to introduce the world of yoga and meditation to children (or anyone wanting to learn!), the Valley’s 12-year-old Sienna Stark founded As young people navigate this stress-inducing time, Stark walks us through how the practice of yoga and meditation can be beneficial in their daily lives and how to go about getting started.


Arizona Humane Society Hosts Doggie Bag Dine Out

On Thursday, July 23, Arizona Humane Society is teaming up with restaurants across the Valley to help the community’s most vulnerable animals with the Doggie Bag Dine Out program. Simply order your favorite meal for takeout at one of the participating restaurants on July 23 and a portion of your check will help Arizona Humane Society provide food, shelter and lifesaving medical care to pets in need.