Author: Ty Fahlman


Restaurant of the Week: Pescada

With its elegant-yet-inviting atmosphere and a delightful menu of inventive seafood dishes, Pescada Scottsdale — the latest concept from acclaimed local restauranteur Sheila Bryson — fills a much-needed void as it aims to inject new life and sophistication into the North Scottsdale culinary landscape.


2022 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan: The Ultimate Luxury Sedan

With a newly redesigned look and feel last year, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Sedan reaffirms itself as the pinnacle of modern luxury. This is the one. Aside from the pricier Maybach variant or a Rolls-Royce two-to-three times more expensive, the S-Class remains the smoothest, most sumptuous full-size luxury sedan on the market, the benchmark for which all others are measured.


Polestar 2 Electric Car

One of the newest electric car brands to emerge is Polestar. Powered by Volvo, this new brand is gaining traction in the industry with its entry-level model, the Polestar 2, which provides ample handling, technology and comfort at an accessible (for EVs) price tag (from $40,900 after federal tax credits).


Summer Vacation: Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

For those planning a trip to Las Vegas but looking to avoid the noise and crowds of the large casino resorts, you can do no better than the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas. This ultra-luxury resort offers all of the premium amenities and world-class service guests have come to expect from the Four Seasons brand.