Flagstaff festival of science

The 2020 Flagstaff Festival of Science Returns for 31st Season of Discovery

The 2020 Flagstaff Festival of Science will explore “Superpowers of Science,” when it returns to Flagstaff from Sept. 18 to Sept. 27. Christa Sadler—a famed Earth scientist—will kick off the free, 10-day adventure with the W. L. Gore & Associates Keynote Presentation, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 18. Sadler’s presentation will be streamed via the Festival of Science website, along with an online question-and-answer session.

For as long as she can remember, Sadler has been playing in the dirt and investigating the world around her. Today this earth scientist studies archaeology, geology and paleontology in the Grand Canyon, throughout the Colorado Plateau and across much of the globe. As a long-time river runner, sea kayak guide and educator, Christa lives a life on the go – full of adventure, discovery and science. 

Whether she’s digging around with famed scientists such as paleoanthropologist Don Johanson, Ph.D. (best known as co-discoverer of “Lucy,” one of the most complete skeletons of Australopithecus afarensis known), or providing scholarships for girls in developing countries, this lifelong learner encourages the young and young-at-heart to tap into their superpower of curiosity and engage with the world as citizen scientists. 

Sadler serves as an expert guide for a wide variety of organizations. She leads tours through the national parks of the Colorado Plateau for National Geographic Society Expeditions; sea kayaking and whale-watching expeditions in the Sea of Cortez and Baja California for Baja Expeditions; educational river trips on the San Juan River for Wild Rivers Expeditions; and river, sea kayaking and hiking trips in Alaska for Mountain Travel Sobek and Alaska Discovery. She also serves as an instructor for Sierra Rescue, the National Park Service, Xanterra and the Grand Canyon Field Institute. 

“We are thrilled to feature a distinguished female explorer as our keynote presenter this year,” says festival president, Kathy Farretta. “Most of the 2020 Festival experiences will be virtual; however, with scientists like Christa who are bursting with life and enthusiasm, we expect viewers will be inspired to grab their backpacks and hiking boots and set out on adventures all their own!”The Flagstaff Festival of Science will feature a wide variety of online presentations, virtual workshops, classroom talks and guided tours led by Flagstaff scientists. For more information on the developing program, visit www.scifest.org.

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