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Sharon Brack is a local Functional Nutritionist, specializing in nutrigenomics (how food and vitamins interact with your DNA), Certified Holistic Health Counselor, and supplement expert with a passion for personalized wellness. She owns her own concierge health counseling business called I Know Me, formerly Sharon Health Counseling (Est. 2009), and the former Director of Genetic Nutrition for a global genetic testing company. Sharon has counseled thousands of people from every stage, age, and walk of life. Learn more about Sharon Brack…

Hometown: I was raisedin a very small, Rocky Mountain town in Western Wyoming called Smoot, Wyoming. 

First job: My first job that I remember getting money for was picking worms (night crawlers) for the tourists who traveled into our town to fish in our beautiful, cold water lakes in Wyoming.  We sold them for $3 per pound and we made great money!  I also worked at my Dad’s heavy diesel engine shop greasing parts and cleaning tools.

Favorite AZ restaurant: La Grande Orange – because everything on their menu is delicious, local, and the atmosphere is energetic and makes me feel productive during the day and relaxed at night.

Person who has impacted your life the most: My Mom.  She is the most selfless, generous and loving person on the planet.  She is constantly thinking about ways to make people feel special and loved.  Her energy to do things (anything) for our family is relentless in all the right ways.  I have always wanted to be just like my Mom. 

Your biggest accomplishment in your eyes:  The 3 kids my husband and I made and somehow manage to keep alive and healthy.  Our oldest; Finley, is a 14 year old teenager who is easy and fun to be around.  She is the right combination of smart and silly.  Fin spends most of her time at the gym training for her next gymnastics meet.  Our son; Jackson is almost 12 and plays on multiple club baseball teams and even a volleyball team.  He is a huge teddy bear, a home body, and an early riser just like his Mama.  Our youngest girl; Dylan Rose is 9 years old.  She is hilarious, loves school, makes friends easily and wants to be a sand volleyball player just like Kerri Walsh.

The biggest obstacle you have overcome:  Starting my own nutrition counseling business in 2009.  My husband; Josh and I decided it would be a great idea to go back to school to continue my nutrition education when we had two babies (2008)…not really sure what we were thinking.  When I graduated school we had baby #3 almost on the way.  I was extremely blessed to stay home with the kids during the day.  When Josh would get home from work, I would see clients and lead nutrition workshops in the evenings.  It was exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

Someone who inspires you: My sister Robyn.  She changed careers 8 years into her first career out of college.  Not for lack of success, but rather chasing her dream of owning her own high end adventure travel company.  Through all the ups and downs of starting completely over, she has now traveled to places on this earth that most of us will only see in the National Geographic.  She is the hardest working, most honest, and patient woman I know. I am so glad she is my sister and Aunt to my babies.

Favorite quote: “What you know always trumps what you feel”. Tom Shrader.

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do:  Plan on never quitting school (nutrition changes every single day) and take as many electives in counseling and/or behavioral therapy as you can.  As a nutritionist, I can give people the best food ( carbs, fats, protein, supplements) advice in the world, but if I am not able to help them manage their “primary foods” (i.e. stress, life, emotional pain, bad habits, etc.), then their compliancy and engagement will fade quickly.  Change their behavior then change their eating.

What you think makes someone fabulous:  Their lack of being offended.  It’s the marker of a strong and fabulous person.  It seems to me that the people in my life who are always bothered or annoyed by what other people are doing – constantly have drama.  People are going to offend people, everyone is human.  However, it’s how we react that make us fabulous in that moment.  Figure out ways to put fires out, not let them smolder and definitely don’t throw fuel them.


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