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Fab Moms: Arizona

Fab Mom: Suzanne Theune

Mom-of-two Suzanne Theune is the co-owner of Scottsdale-based Remedy Salon and Spa, which opened in 2018.

Mom of: Maizy, 10, and Roscoe, 8.

Hometown: Cedar Grove, WI

Favorite ways to spend family time in AZ: We love Chaparral Park, Frank & Lupe’s in Old Town and day trips exploring Arizona.

Your most rewarding motherhood moment: Some of my favorites are when they’re helping each other or giggling together.

Biggest challenge as a mom: As a single mom, I could use a few more hours in the day – or a shorter to-do list (just like all moms).

A mother who inspires you and why: I am surrounded by so many strong women who are also great moms. Of course, my mom is at the top of the list.

Best piece of advice for a new mom: Whatever sleeping arrangement gives everyone (Mom) the most sleep is what’s best for your family.

Your biggest hope for your children: That they are happy and safe!

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day: I’d love a relaxing day at home.

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